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Doused in Blood: Story

When the Supreme Blood Court, or the SBC suspends Slate Blanque, an elite vampire, for the last time, he is subjected to live in the human world for 4 eons. There, he is not allowed to drink anything but animal blood and is not allowed to have any contact with humans.
But one day, when Slate meets a normal high school girl, who addresses herself as "Alice", his hunger, and feelings of human entity, begin to make him break the rules.
Can Slate love this human without being banished to the Demonic Genesis? Or is it the girl herself that will seal his fate?


Doused in Blood is a series of chapter comics that take the reader through the life of Slate and the human world as a nonhuman entity sees it.

Genre: Romance, Adventure, Suspense, Drama, Comedy

When will each chapter come out?: I will try to get one done each Friday. Maybe Sunday. WHo knows? It all depends on how complicated the chapter is. Don't expect an exact schedule.

Rating: Older Teen and Teen


Slate Blanque: Has a large ego; Is an elite vampire; His younger sister wishes to kill him; He murdered his own mother;

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