Peril and Perilousness (1997 - film sequence) Picture

As mentioned earlier, Spyglass View had decided to take on the burgeoning art-house market. After "Day Dream", the studio's efforts met with general critical approval, if not quite success, and performed solidly at the box office. Spyglass View didn't have another art-house hit until "Peril and Perilousness". It was perfectly timed to take advantage of the revival of interest in Jane Austen and other period authors. Unusually, it was a very highly stylized parody of those films, as well as a pastiche on the "Perils of Pauline" type of film. In general, the Perils stories were turned on their heads, with men imperiled by their own actions and usually getting rescued by women that just happened to be in the area. Of course, given that it was the story of women getting their own back on various rakes, the men had usually been imperiled by women in the first place. To wit, the three main characters.

As part of this parody, it was decided to do the actual perils in 1920s silent film style, in black and white, with people moving just a touch too fast and jerkily, and placards bearing the dialog. It could easily have come across as outrageously precious, but somehow, it managed to work.

-- I. Noah Lott, professor of current history, comparative and modern mythology and modern media studies, Serenity Falls University, Hollywood Roars, book 2: the story of one little studio and how it couldn't before it could.

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For clarity's sake: Malachi M4, GenX'd, on the ground, then from left to right: Belle V6, FWArt Kyra, Anna V6. Again, for a list of all the other items available in the DAZ storefront (from both DAZ and other vendors), you should look at the the image in the DAZ gallery; ain't doing that again. The only items not from the DAZ store in the entire thing are the freebie moustache and the OOT Gothic Updo on Kyra, both by Outoftouch at Renderosity, and the Pinque Curls by Bad Kitteh Co, from RDNA, on Belle.

There will be one more Peril and Perilousness scene. After all, can't do this without a poster, now can we?
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