When Artie Met Val Picture

A scene of how Artie met Val for the very first time.

After a long journey, Artie finally comes across a DUSK stronghold where he sees his family and villagers are being held captive. Fortunately, Leo was there before Artie came to the scene, and was commanding of knight grunts to break in the stronghold and take back the prisoners.

Artie ventures into the castle too, but ends up getting lost, and somehow winds up in the throne room, where a huge glowing yellow egg was kept. Before Artie could inspect, a massive hand grabbed a hold of him and threw him into the ceiling, crashing him through and landing onto a nearby battlement. There, Artie gathers his strength after his fall, ready for the final battle against the leader of the DUSK that threw him onto the castle structure, Skroll.

After the two have a thrilling and powering final battle, Artie manages to win by a hair, by grabbing a castle spire that Skroll threw at him and manages to devastatingly hit him out of the area with it. After the battle was over, the castle begins to fall and crumble, with Artie still on top of the battlement.

Fortunately, though Artie fell along with the castle, he managed to survive, as well as his family and villagers who were escorted out by Leo's army. Leo was of course praised by the villagers and the army because he disappeared when the battle took place, and everyone assumed he was off fighting Skroll himself. They didn't realise that Artie was also in the stronghold but don't believe that he was the one who beat Skroll.

When Artie woke up from his fall, he noticed the glowing egg from before in front of him. It had fell along with the castle and was cracking. As the egg shell tore apart, its light shards zooming across the area, a small elf girl with really long golden hair emerged from the egg-shaped casing. She released a warm heavenly glow that can be seen from many miles afar. And somehow, the DUSK skies above turned to calm orange and yellow, indicating the DUSK force has subsided. The girl floats back down into the egg casing, and Artie slowly approaches it.

He is amazed by what he witnessed, and decides to take her with him back home to nurse her back to health. His family and villagers finally find him with the girl and Artie tells them about what he just witnessed. Not concerned with the girl, Leo decides to return back home saying he can't look after kids as he's "got a very dangerous lifestyle and doesn't want the girl to come to harm".

So Artie's mother agrees that she can come back with them. And so they make their way back home, walking towards the glowing still sunset.

(btw, I might have over-exaggerated a little with Val's hair length. It's not exactly that long.)
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