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Tale of the Lady of the moon and the werewolf
Chapter IV: The Howl of the King

The spirit wakes up only to see a portion of fur on the ground. Its colour is of a crater of the moon, a pure grey that makes the night perfect.
She stares at the grave once again, this time something is different a mark is over the inscription. It’s the mark of claws. It seems a bear’s claws but it’s too thin to be from a bear, and there are no bears in that region.
After examining the claws her eyes found that the nails from the creature’s pawn were thin, thin as a wolf’s but the pawn was still too big to be of a wolf. It was then that she reminded of the howl she heard before the night became crimson. She, then, reminded of her mother’s stories about werewolves in that region. She could believe, there was a werewolf somewhere around that forest!


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