Ichor Picture

In early fall/late summer, during vacation, I found these...

I like to collect feathers, and so every once in a while I search my yard (which is big, with lots of trees, so there's quite a few birds around) for any feathers that have fallen. There are also some rather large--20 ft? 30? dunno...something like that--pines which mark the border between mine and my neighbor's yard in a line. There's often feathers underneath.

Anyway, this time while looking for feathers, I came upon what was apparently a "feeding ground" of sort for some birds. I guess when they eat a dragonfly or cicada, they just pull off the wings first. So it was pretty cool to find them, for the most part in one piece, and so many in one place. So I picked those up & put them in the baggie w/the feathers I'd found. Mom thought it was gross, and so did I (obviously to a much lesser degree), but they were so pretty! Recently, I found the bag and having no idea of what I could do with them otherwise, I used a thin needle and some white thread to string them together, then hung them on my dresser mirror. I used a lamp I have (one of those w/multiple lights on adjustable thingies, so it looks almost octopus-ish) to light it. And then I played around w/ the RGB levels, contrast, etc in PS Elements for a bit to get the color & lighting.

--The title, by the way, was just sorta random since I can never think of anything good. 'Ichor' is, in Greek mythology (I think..), the blood of the gods. It's golden. So that's why... XD

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