Revoice: Enyo Picture

Name: Enyo Satir

Age: 18

Birthday: March 30th

Gender: Female (However, personally wants to be seen more as male; Nobody hearing shit about that tho)

Orientation: Attractively Upholstered Furniture

Species: Mythological Hybrid- Unicorn

Height: 5’11

Build: Muscular, lean, tall.

Hair Color: Platinum Blonde

Eye Color: Light Blue

Title: The Lancer


  • Purification: A skill her biological family passed on to her. With magic, she can draw harmful toxins from liquids, and deposit the toxins into a vial or other container for later use or prompt disposal. However, there is a limit to how much toxin she can remove from the liquid, and anything past minor poisons will only have their effects diluted due to her lack of extensive training. Additionally, she cannot tell just from looking at a liquid if it's tainted or not; She needs to make contact with the liquid (via her horn) in order to both find poisons and subsequently remove as much of them as she can. [Visually, it will appear as if she’s drawing faintly colored dust from the given body of liquid with the tip of her horn.]

Minor skill(s):
  • “Thought” Projection: A learned ability. Through extensive training from a young age, Enyo is capable of using magic to ‘speak’ to a conversational partner of her choice in their head. She cannot be spoken back to in this manner, however, and only uses it for ease of communication-- Using it sparingly, if she can help it, but with repeated usage she's gotten better at it. It cannot be used while she's in major stress The range in which her thoughts can be projected is about 20-30 ft, and the thoughts are nigh if not incomprehensible at any distance further than that.

Weapon: Double-Ended Lance
Weapon Type: Polearm
Combat Style: Enyo fights fast and dirty, getting in, stabbing the adversary and getting out quickly to avoid harm. She is capable of hand to hand combat, but prefers using a weapon above all else.

House: Cha’nuul
Major: Polearms
Program: Common with an interest in Demigod
Occupation: No.

Likes: Music boxes, Small things, Warm things, Soft things, Heights, Horses, Climbing things, The color silver, Chocolate, Horses. Family, Learning things.

Dislikes: Bitter food, The dark, The color yellow, Archery, Others hiding their mouths while speaking.

Hobbies: Sparring (That isn’t a hobby Enyo shut up), Horseback riding (How does that even work), Metalworking/Smithing (in her free time).

Personality: Aggressive | Independent | (Appears to be) Apathetic | Sensible | Polite | Easily excited

Home Region: Born in Sapphire, raised in Obsidian.
History: Three sisters by blood. A family of magic.

Two were perfect. Porcelain. One after the other, one year between each. Quiet, reserved, quick to learn and quick to follow the direction of their parents. They attempted to try and teach her themselves, to show her with the bond that only sisters could know.

But the third was not like them, and within their hearts they knew this to be true.

The third wore the summer sun on her shoulders and across her cheeks, abundant energy seemingly sapped from her elder sisters. A child with boundless energy that never seemed to want to listen, no matter what discipline was employed to attempt to calm her, to make her listen. As her elder sisters attempted to figure things out, their parents had many things to consider. That their family's fortune was waning further and further from what it once was, that their only hope was to make sacrifices where sacrifices needed to be made. And their first sacrifice was already decided by the time she turned two.

A child-- A child born of magic blood, no less-- Who showed no talent in the very art their family was known for. Rather than force themselves to mind a child that would never live up to the expectations that befell her, that was too incapable of listening and too untalented to be worth their time, they chose to send her as far away as they could manage with the things they'd been willing to give her since she was born.

Away to Obsidian, with a family of bull hybrids. All male, all towering above the child, blacksmiths and craftsmen. Their leaders were a pair of large, imposing men-- Ones whose sheer bulk and silent command over their children even managed to make the child grow silent in awe.

The taller of the two, the true patriarch, spoke to her.

And spoke again.

The girl's lack of response was enough for him to examine the child closer. It was, upon closer examination by the resident healer, determined that their child was not stupid, nor incapable of understanding what was being said. She just couldn't hear. At first, it was hard. Her new family barely understood how to handle her, but tried their best, hitting countless roadblocks along the way. However, they adapted and learned. Taught her as best they could until she was able to help around their home-- Taking care of the few animals around the house, cooking, doing chores. After a few weeks of this, she was given
her name. Not her last, but her first.


Throughout the years before she was granted her last name, many other things were given to her. Books on Voxis, books on healing. Hands on instruction on how to make her own weapons. How to cook somewhat decently. As she grew, she seemed to be getting a better grasp of magic, even learning how to use her purification skill on smaller cups of water and such. At nine, she took to riding about on her younger brother's shoulders, soon getting accustomed to heights as time went on.

At the age of ten, she was given two gifts. A set of enchanted 'hearing aids' that were basically silvery rings snugly secured around the base of her ears, underneath her hair. They didn't give her the full ability to hear, nor would they ever, but they made reading lips and learning words a little easier. (A skill that she was already learning as it was, but they figured it'd be best to give her some sort of leg up now that she was older).

The second was an offer. To have their full permission and blessing to return to Sapphire and pursue whatever path she wished with her birth family, leaving within the week. Or, to train for upwards of six years, and become a fully fledged member of their family, privy to all the family had to offer. Their name, their home, their acceptance of her as a true Satir.

She cut her hair the next day, put the rings on, and asked when training began.

Over the years, she became a sister to another unwanted child-- A far shorter hybrid who called themself Eris and never seemed to want to leave her side after they first met. She collected a few books on magic, but not many, choosing instead to train herself more specifically in weaponry. While she would never have the same bulk as her Satir brothers, she made up for it in other ways. She was smarter about her training, focusing on her speed and agility, on her smarts and what practical healing she was capable of doing-- In order to handle her own wounds post training. When she was older and stronger, she grew enamored with the art weaponmaking, something she was introduced to when she was younger. Her first was a simple dagger, which she keeps with her to this day.

On her eighteenth birthday, she was given a final set of gifts. The first was a light, sharp as all hell double ended lance, balanced and weighted to suit her fighting style like a glove. The second was what she had wanted all along. Her name. Her home. Somewhere to belong.

She was a Satir, through and through, a name earned by blood, sweat and tears.

A few months later, Enhalo opened and-- Despite her sibling's wishes- Enyo quickly applied. Not out of disrespect for her family, no. But for the sake of making them proud, and for the sake of building her skillset further.

Overview: Due to her upbringing, Enyo is all kinds of all over the place. Her aggression is moreso when people refuse to listen to her, or outright ignore her requests for them to look at her while they're speaking-- That, and in battle. She tries her best to be serious and altogether aloof most of the time, but it just doesn't work out like that sometimes, and she can get really excited about things really easily, if she feels comfortable enough around someone to let herself act like a kid again.


  • Has tried dancing, and art, and a number of other things. However, none of these worked, and she chose to stick to what she knew.
  • She can't swim.
  • Enjoys climbing trees, sometimes.
  • Despite her ineptitude with art, she draws horses. All the time. all the time.
  • Is entirely obsessed with keeping her hair cut properly like it is in the app, but may let it grow out if she thinks it could be a good move.
  • She doesn't like people touching her horn or tail.
  • Actually, don't touch her at all.
  • She doesn't mind pronouns all that much, and actually feels rather flattered when people think she's a male. Or if they're just... Confused. Confusion is funny.
  • One day dreams of flying. How? Who know.
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