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Ah yes, once again our master has returned to these cursed lands. I wonder what'll be in store for today... Noontime had long since passed, and the evening shadows were slowly creeping across the plains which made up the vast majority of Bloodshed Falls. The evening is warm, almost hot, whilst the air is heavy with that fantastic stuff we call humidity. Oh such a lovely evening, it's hard to miss the irritating sounds of bullfrogs as they sing their songs from the distant forest which lay just beyond the creek. As the sun begins to sink lower in the sky, the homelands seemed almost to glow in a golden hue, it's indeed a lovely, rather breathtaking sight indeed. To top the vision off, the gathering moisture in the air had caused the fog to begin rising, it starts in the forest and speads across the riverbed and in no time at all it had spread to the edges of the cottonwood trees. Soon the cloudy substance would overtake the plains as well, though this wouldnt happen until the sun had fallen completely over the distant hills. It is on a lovely evening as such that Rawhide would once again make an advance into the lands. Small fae of pure arabic lineage would move forth upon slender stilts, her gait relaxed and slow, even though diamonds rise and fall in a high-stepping fashion. Rawhide's appearance had changed drastically since her first arrival in the homelands. Upon her first appearance to the others, the fae was shaggy, her winter coat not fully shed whilst her hide, whipcords and tassels were caked with mud. Aye, but this time it would seem as if an entirely different creature had entered the lands. Now at her full glory, Rawhide was obviously in good shape, with muscles that rippled under her roaned pelt with each step. The scars in which she'd carried for years still marr her pelt, but they are almost invisible from a distance now as the full potency of her coloration had hidden most of them. Tassels of a flaxen, creamy hue dance about her nape in time with her strides, the sun shining off her refined frame and making her seem as if to glow. Beady onyx optics are set far apart on her crown, they are emotionless and dark, and they add all the more to her intoxicating beauty. Finely chiseled crown is set upon a thin, yet well muscled neck. it's almost hard to determine whether the mare is indeed a woman, as her nape is formed like most stallions' should be, with a high crest and a defined carriage. At the base of her nape, her shoulders are placed perfectly upon her body, her chest deep but not wide in any way, shape or form. Her back is straight, and her haunches are once again muscular. Stilts are dainty and frail, though, in entirety, her entire frame seems rather fragile. As the goddess makes a regal advance, it's obvious to see that she thinks highly of herself. Ah, but this positive air in which seemed to surround her was but a flaw, as thou are about to find out. Nares flare as the scent of musk and wet sage is taken into her body, her beady black gaze dancing back and forth to take in the views. Audits are pinned to her crown, as a snort is sent forth from her nostrils. Upon emitting the irritated sound, the fatale would slow. Ah, but now the flaws had begun to show. At this pace, her gait is the least bit even, as there is a noticable limp in her stride. Indeed, she'd been crippled since the age of four years. Time had caused the crippling pain to cease, and now each step brought nothing more than a numbing sensation. Her gaze had fallen to the ground, and it would seem she was more distracted at this time. Her forward motions would finally come to an end as she finds a suitable spot of shade, a good distance from the herd. Upon stopping, her dial would immediately be thrust towards the ground, kissers ripping up the foliage as she chews in a hurried fashion. The poor creature couldnt stand still, it was not psychically possible for her anymore. As i said previously, Rawhide is anything but ordinary. With a past detailed enough to write an entire book, and a disposition nearly impossible to match, each new day is but a surprise around her. As she grazes, her tweeks would begin to show themselves. The skin upon her shoulders had begun to shake, a motion used to shoo pests which landed there, though her shaking was more than irregular as it wouldnt stop. Over time this twitching would spread throughout her body. Hind hooves would be lifted then let fall, and Plumage whips across her barrels in a contantly irrirated fashion. These tweeks would stop every so often, but upon lifting her head from the grass each time, the clearest sign of her insanity would show. Ah, but lets leave that as a surprise. The mare had taken little notice that she was in heat, and only once she noticed the presence of a brute did she realize this. She'd been jerked from the depths of her mind, the thoughts in which she'd previously been pondering lost to her own cruel imagination. This unknown steed had ventured far too close for her comfort, she didnt wish for a repeat of what she'd done to many before, attacking and possibly killing them. Ah, but there were possibilies of fun involved with such new blood in the herd. Ick, Rawhide get your mind out of the gutter dear. As her arrogant, finely chiseled cranium is lifted from the foliage below, the fae would turn her attention in the brute's direction. Audits pinn to her crown once more, as her frame would begin to tense slightly. And then, her most noticable tweek would play, as her optics roll back into her cranium. Eh, insanity is such a mild word for Rawhide's condition. Straightening, the bitch would swallow her mouthful of greenery, before speaking. "Can i help you?" Lyrics spill forth upon hiss-like tones, her voice dark and overly sarcastic, yet all the same demonically beautiful. Her words are laced with a noticable accent, as the simple sentence rolls off her tongue and straight to his auds.


well first of all just let me say i'm extremely proud of this drawing. it's my finest equine doodle yet; well, unicorn. This character is the deadly Rawhide, she's a tricky one of course. her personality is rather deep, she's got a past nearly a mile long. i'm planning to clean up this drawing of course, and color her eventually.

until then, here's her stats that i've typed so far, believe me there's more to come.

Name: Rawhide
we call her: Raw or Rah.
Species/Breed: Mythological Equine [Unicorn]/ Celestial Unicorn [Resembles an arabian]
Color: Red Roan flaxen mane and tail
markings: star,
height: 14.1 hands
Gender: Mare
Age: 9 years
History: Rawhide is the first born daughter of the Sunchaser himself, she was lost as a royal bred unicorn and began her life as any normal unicorn would, as her mother had had been captured by the shifter shortly after Rawhide's birth. Out of the arabic built celestial unicorn, Rose, of the red band, a stunning vibrant pinkish white mare, daughter of the Dreamspeaker. Rawhide is indeed of highly ranked blood, she was raised by normal unicorns, only as a yearling when her pinkish/maroon hue began to show, and her horn began to thicken and grow longer, did anybody realize she was not of ordinary lineage. Her horn is made of pearl, the color to match her silky white flaxen mane and tail. Her eyes are the color of the sun and moon; they are dark as the shifter himself at most times, though upon calling her magic her eyes turn a vibrant goldn hue. She is built petite, resembling her mother in appearance, but muscled well and bviously strong both physically and mentally, much like her father. Rawhide was one of the very few of the unicorns to ever have been captured by Entia's army, turned into a demon unicorn, and then break free from teh ranks and free herself. Having called upon teh deep, unknown magic of the celestial valley she was able to return to her graceful form and color she was given at birth. She has always been dark adn reserved, and this served well for spying, during the time she was under the shifter's control. Rawhide's powers from birth include many, she is the next in line for the position as lord[well lady] of all the animals in balinor. well, was. Upon dissapearing her younger brother, second born of sunchaser, was chosen. Rawhide has now taken on the challange of protecting the world of balinor from beyond the gap, in the human world. she keeps in constant contact with the dreamspeaker, a distant memeber of kin and lady of the celestial valley.

well, i hope to have her colored in pretty soon. and i'm going to do a breed sheet for the celestial unicorn.by the way, the gems at the base of rawhide's horn are made of pink diamonds, the ring itself made of the purest gold.

enjoy, and comments are always appriciated.
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