Dragon Boy Picture

My first true deviation!
Wow this took me forever. I never thought I could paint like this XD. This is a painting of one of my side characters, a mage, holding a dragon (which are essentially the manifestations of spells, or elementals, in my story, which is currently in development). And yes, that is a boy XD He looked more and more girly the more I colored him XD. At one point the dragon even looked slightly girly ^_^;

Some notes on the details / random useless pieces of information to take up space: His robes are yellow/gold, and the dragon has five fingers/claws, which means he would be emperor in ancient China. In my story, they will just represent royalty. The creature that is supposed to represent the element water in chinese mythology(?) is some weird serpent turtle thing. I decided dragons looked cooler.

Time in hours (according to Etherpendant)

pencil sketch 1
inking .5
cging 10 (photoshop CS2)
procrastination -1 (in other words, staring blankly at the screen)

TOTAL 10.5 hours !!!! a new record for me!!!

The dragon was the most difficult part to cg. The scales are really sloppy since I was running out of time XD. I kinda rushed the dragon overall since I wanted to finish this and submit it before I went to Taiwan, which is tomorrow.

note: I painted most of this while at a summer workshop at Digipen. Something about that place makes me concentrate, a lot more than i usually do. ^_^
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