FN: Emeriss the huntress Picture

Name: Emeriss Naresa Ravenblack

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Transylvania , Romania

Job: Leader of the hunters, she thes boss, thats why she gets paid the big bucks.


Fighting - Emeriss has trained in hand to hand combat and weaponry. She can handle herself fairly well when and IF she's ever disarmed or a monster gets to close.

Hunting - They don't call her the leader for nothing, Hunting comes second nature to Emeriss. Tracking, waiting...Emeriss can do it, and she does it dangerously.

Sharpshooting- Miss Eagle Eyes Emeriss... if anyone wanted to take Em up on a bet on who can hit a bullseye, they might as well give her money up front. Emeriss has deadly accuracy with her repeating crossbow and gun, years of practice and a keen eye grants her this skill, and it is one she is proud of.

Personality: Emeriss is not your typical lady, she is rambunctious, and vulgar at best. Arrogance is another. But with the tough exterior and rash, arrogant, bossy tone, Emeriss knows when something or someone needs help, she might not show it well but she does have a more merciful side. This huntress also tends to be a bit of a joker, a more of an incult comic, she'll make fun of lycans, vampires..any of the eternal races, its all out of good fun.

Bio: Emeriss had a normal childhood at the beginning in transylvania, well normal-ish. Ever since Emeriss could read she was facinated by the strange and unknown, she was always reading books about mythology, mystery novels , horror movies and novels. This interest also caused Em to go out and go searching for this mythological beasts, she started with vampires, she studied them in books, memorized the tactics of keeping herself safe, and then she started sneaking out at night and going around the town finding them. This process went through all the eternals, from lycans to Fae folk, saddly for the young girl she didn't have much luck.

When Emeriss was 16 , she started studying further in Cryptozoology, the study of cryptids and monsters basically. It was through this time she started searching more into existance into vampires, faerie folk, and werewolves also known as Lycans. Emeriss also had her own theories of common cryptids and how they elude the human eye, like the loch ness monster, bigfoot and many others. Soon the young girls passion grew into having her own little cryptid museum, mostly constructed out of the old shed in her parents backyard, Emeriss would show off to her friends and anyone else who was curious enough. One day a man showed up at Emeriss' home, wanting to this 'cryptid museum' he said. The parents were a bit nervous, but Emeriss of course was more than happy to show off her research and displays. After spouting off to the man her theories, findings and hunting, the stranger looked at her and said " there is more to this world that meets the eye, for you see, some of these beings, are real, but they hide just under our noses....unless you know what to look for" . The young girls eyes widened and she demanded to know what he meant. Quietly the man told her about the eternals, the hunters and the worlds. It was like a dream come true, she was right, and more so when the man offered Emeriss to become part of the hunters. Of course, she accepted.

Emeriss then dropped out of school and started studying in the art of being a hunter, it was throughout this training and process she learned more of the eternals, the hunters and through years of training and hard work, she and became leader of the hunters of today. She still has her little cryptid museum but its now part of the hunters guild building and for a small entry of $5 you can go and look around.


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