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Related to my other Sonic Fan Character, Ashige The Dog, this is Himerope The Voxai, a member of the psychic/energy manipulating alien race, who becomes permanently fused with Ashige, and in a sense, becomes a part of his body. This shows both what he was like before becoming merged with Ashige, and afterwards in his current state. Man, you don't know how many times it took me to come up with a design for his vein eyespots that I actually liked, and was unique for Himerope.
Also worth mentioning, I think that Himerope may as well be the first Voxai Fan-Character yet. I haven't seen any others so far.

Expect to see more of Ashige and Himerope in future artworks of mine too. I'm using him as well as my others, Bella, and Polyphemus, in an RP on another Sonic Website too. I'm also working on drawing out scenes from his origin story, about how he became fused with Ashige, and more. Those parts are better shown that way.

Sorry for the long description, there is just so much to tell about him
Also, be sure to look at the reference sheet on Ashige The Dog, his new host, so that you understand them better. --> hexidextrous.deviantart.com/ar…

Name: Himerope

Age: [Unknown]

Species: Voxai

Affiliation: Good

Personality: Himerope is a member of the psychic and energy manipulating alien race known as The Voxai, and was originally one of the elite guards of the Voxai Overminds. Before the Argus Event, he lived on the Voxai homeworld, and like the others, took guidance daily from the Voxai Overminds's telepathic communications. He held the Overminds very near and dear to him. Himerope is very polite and is not hostile, like most of the Voxai, and he only wishes to use his powers to harm those who truly deserve it, but not to kill a living being. Like the others, he refers to Non-Voxai as "Outerminds," and other Voxai as "Innerminds."

During the Argus Event, Himerope, along with a number of other Voxai, left the planet on these ships, while most of their other population, including the three overminds, all got transported into the dimension known as the Twilight Cage. To Himerope, and the other Voxai who left, on the outside they did not know what truly happened in the Argus Event, and had believed that the Cosmic Horror known as Argus had swallowed them all, with no survivors.

After that, Himerope lost connection with the Overminds and was left without the ones he took guidance from and relied upon. This made him feel lost and isolated, without a sense of purpose. He drifted through space almost in an aimless fashion aboard his small ship with the others. This started to have an effect on him mentally, since he was without the ones he had taken guidance from for so many years, and as a result, weakened his Psychic Abilities greatly.

Himerope knows about a couple other alien races as well, which he learned about while drifting across space before. One race he knows about is the N'rrgal, which he dislikes, due to them being a race of rather simplistic amoeba/insect-like "Energy Eater" creatures whose only concerns are for their continued existence, and will think nothing less of literally draining the life out of other creatures for their own benefit, not to mention could easily take on the Voxai, since their psychic attacks have less of an effect on the N'rrgal with their hive-mind system, and although their energy manipulation powers could harm them, this also would make the N'rrgal more attracted to them, who would want to suck it all out of them and could sense it more easily from them.
Another alien race that Himerope is aware of is The Metarex, although he and the other Voxai don’t refer to them as “The Metarex,” but his kind has come to know them as “The Harvesters.” However, he has not actually encountered The Harvesters, and as a result, believes that they are just fake "Interstellar Propoganda" designed to make other alien races too scared to venture into occupied territory and such, though he would be quite wrong about that.

After becoming merged with Ashige The Dog, whom he is now a part of, Himerope felt that since he and Ashige are now one, his purpose is to now assist his unwilling host, for the benefit of them both, and lives in acceptance of that. He is unaware of how many Voxai are left remaining ever since, and for all he knows, he might be the last of his kind. He understands his new friend and host, Ashige, very well, especially since the two now have a direct network between each other and constantly see into each others' minds, therefore knowing each other really well. He feels sorry that he has made Ashige a target for some others, such as Eggman, but he does what he can to help them, and possibly make their fused state more of a good thing.

His name, "Himerope" comes from the name of one of the Sirens in Greek Mythology, whom most of the other more important Voxai, such as the Overminds and their elite guards, are also named after. Also, Himerope literally translates to mean "Longing Face."

Overview: Himerope is a unique Voxai, who possesses more of their energy manipulating powers, though just average Psychic Abilities, well average in comparison to other Voxai. He is also smaller than most other Voxai, although not because he is young, but he's just short (a dwarf of sorts). However, his better energy manipulation makes him quite powerful despite his size. In fact, his body would give off a distinct, but harmless pulsating aura at times due to the energy he exalted. His abilities were so strong, that he was appointed to be one of the Voxai’s elite guards of the Overminds. Like most Voxai, Himerope originally took guidance from the telepathic messages from the Overminds, and feels that he lacks much of a purpose without them.

During the Argus event, which sucked a large part of their world and many of the inhabitants into the Argus Cage dimension, Himerope was one of the few left behind. Before they were sucked in, the last signal sent to him from the Overminds was to leave the planet, without giving him a direction to where he would go. The Overminds did this because they did not want such a potent and unique Voxai to be lost, and it was already too late for the Overminds. Although they did not know it at the time, the Voxai who were caught in The Argus Event did not actually die, as the ones who left believed, but were merely transported to an alternate dimension known as The Twilight Cage.

So he did, although quite reluctantly, and soon he lost connection to the Overmind’s psychic signal. He went with many other Voxai aboard a space vessel, who would put him in Stasis for a few years at a time periodically while they drifted through space, letting him out from time to time so that he could still experience the worlds around him and so that the stasis wouldn't affect him too much negatively.

Due to all of this though, he lost his sense of purpose, and drifted through space almost in an aimless fashion aboard his small ship with the others. This started to have an effect on him mentally, since he was without the ones he had taken guidance from for so many years, and as a result, weakened his Psychic Abilities greatly. He could no longer read minds now or attack enemies minds, although he still retained his telepathic abilities, enhanced energy manipulation, and ability to interact with the mentally-operated technology that the Voxai use.

Many years later, he came across planet Earth, a world with sentient lifeforms. As the vessel he was aboard flew by, they also came across one of Eggman's space stations, which was orbiting the planet. While Himerope only meant to visit Earth briefly, and meet with some of the creatures there, suddenly without warning, Eggman's interstellar ships from near the station attacked his ship, mistaking it for an enemy craft, causing severe damage and making it plummet towards Earth.

His ship started to enter the atmosphere, and began hurdling to the Earth. The attacks by Eggman's ships severely damaged the vessel, and killed many of the other Voxai on board, except for him. The mental-linked controls were not responding, and now he was going to crash to Earth. As a last ditch attempt to save himself, he then hit the eject on his ship and launched himself out like a rocket, with his heavily damaged ship crashing down. He then decided that it would be a good idea to fly over the city of Station Square, hoping to find refuge there, enveloping his body in energy to try and reduce the friction, appearing as a crimson light streaking across the sky. However, as he did, he did not expect there to be another sapient creature in his flight path.

This is where Ashige The Dog came in.
Basically, Ashige was hanging out in Station Square that night. He then scaled a tall building using a custom-made parkour grapple, and found this to be a great place to view the sky. However, he did not expect what would happen then.
While on top the building, he started hearing Himerope's voice in his mind, Himerope sort of accidentally "touching minds" with Ashige, but Ashige was confused as for there is no one around but him, yet he could hear this voice. Ashige would not know exactly what happened next, but this would change both his and Himerope's lives forever,

Himerope, flying across the sky, then suddenly collided accidentally with Ashige from behind. Himerope thought that it would be terrible to die knowing that he killed an innocent sentient creature, especially since he may be the last of his kind. Of course, this would've killed them both, but due to Himerope's powers neither of them died from that.

Instead, a strange anomaly occurred. The two merged together and became one. As they did, all of their memories flashed across each other’s minds, followed by them both going unconscious. With that, Ashige then gained his powers and went on from there, which he would later find out about after awakening. Himerope then found himself unable to move, and now literally a part of this Earth creature's body, mainly by his own doing as to allow them both to survive. Himerope took this into acceptance, and felt that his purpose was to now assist and work with Ashige, his new friend, and host.

Abilities: Himerope's abilities consisted of being able to expend and manipulate energy from his body, as well as use various psychokinesis abilities, although his psychic powers had been dulled down due to how years of being without the Overmind's guidance started to have an effect on him mentally.

Originally, Himerope could do pretty much everything that Ashige currently can do, but now after his fusion with Ashige, most of his abilities are now Ashige's to control. All of those abilities are explained on the separate reference sheet on Ashige himself.

You cannot see Himerope now, as for he is now embedded inside of him, and infused within his body. Himerope lost the transparent upper part of his body after it, which cover the round, vital inner nucleus of his body. However, now being a part of Ashige, Ashige's own skin acts as that now. Himerope is ingrained around Ashige's spinal area, mainly by his inner nucleus. Ashige and Himerope now depend upon each other, both for special abilities, and to survive.
Despite the spinal damage suffered, Ashige can still walk and move around easily. He now uses his new psychokinesis powers to reconnect and stimulate his nerves in order to move his limbs.

Himerope now has to feed off of Ashige's nutrients while being ingrained to him in order to survive. As a result, Ashige eats a lot. He appears as a bit of a glutton due to this, but he has to because he now has to sustain two creatures at once now. Not that he minds this much though, as for his income from his career as a stunt racer allows him to afford this.

Although most of Himerope's abilities are now Ashige's to command, Himerope acts a presence in Ashige's mind, and communicates to Ashige through telepathy. Himerope often times guides him and helps him when he needs, acting as Ashige's eyes and ears on the battlefield. Himerope can also do things such as psychically scan a foe to find out where they are most vulnerable, and analyze other information for Ashige. They also now share each other’s memories and are always aware of what the other is thinking. Through him, Ashige learned of all he had been through, as well as Himerope knows very much about Ashige and his life as well.

Himerope can also telepathically communicate with others too. He can also use his powers to have Ashige mentally communicate with other people and have them communicate back too. In a sense, it’s like a “Telepathic Telephone.” This telepathy is limited to a range of 200 meters around Ashige though.

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If you want to use Ashige and Himerope in any of my artworks, please ask me first. Do not steal.
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