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Julia- Hi!

♡ This Julia. She's July's twin sister that he loves very much. She and him are like BFFs, but they both have a crush on Yato. She'd probably never date anyone unless it's Yato, but she's more on the stalker side of things. /: Her brother is inlove with Yato too, but he's more on the I'm-Too-Cool-To-Admit-It-Although-Its-Obvious-So-Ill-Say-I-Dont-Like-Him side of things. Naito is on the desperate side of things, who's so inlove with Yato he won't stop until he dates him. And Valiant is on the shy part of things. And Marshall is on the accidental side of things. So yeah, welcome to crushes explained. And her most favorite thing is most likely "Yato-Sama"


Role-playing journal!

OC Journal

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♥ Julia's Info
• Julia's Current Mood- Stalking. She is most likely at the guild with her team Lucy-Chan, Naito-San and Yato-Sama ♥
///Oh, Yato-Sama ♥.♥

◆ Name- Julia
• Jew-Lee-Ahh
◆ Full Name- Julia Daisy Castor
◆ Nick Name- Julie, Daisy, Blue, Pearl, Sea Foam, Skye, Rain, Dew Drop, Coconut, Sandy, J, Aqua, Bubby, Bubbles, Summer
◆ Gender- Girl ♥
◆ Age- 16
◆ Birthday- November 30th, 1998, 16 as of 11/30/2014
◆ Species- 100% Dog, 60% Border Colie, 30% Golden Retriver
◆ Nationality- Japanese/French, Speaks English
◆ Voice Example- Not yet decided
◆ Hair- Very wavy, unnatural golden blonde hair with a blue streak
◆ Fur- White, Creme and Blonde
◆ Eyes- Normal blue eyes
◆ Weight- 115 pounds
◆ Height- 5'1

◆ Sexual Orientation- Straight/Heterosexual
◆ Crush- Yato Frost.
• She has a crush on Yato, but she's more or less stalking him. She gets jealous when her two team mates fight and when Yato flirts with other people. But, just because she's madly inlove with Yato, doesn't mean she won't date someone else. She'll just always be inlove with him even if she's with someone else, but she'll still love them too. Plus, Yato always pushes her away.
///Yato-Sama! ♥.♥
◆ Relationship Status- Single/Crushing
◆ Boyfriend/Husband- ...(None)

◆ Magic- Water and Rain
◆ Class- Physical Illusin/Mage
◆ Type- Physical Illusion, Elemental Destruction, Shape Shifting and Healing
◆ Element- Water
◆ Weak, can be strong if trained good enough
◆ Object- ...(None)
◆ Known Spells- ...(None)
◆ Magic Color- It's water, so most likely it's blue
◆ Other Abilities- The ability to shape shift into a red fox and a white wolf
◆ Soul Animal- A wolf and Fox
◆ Guild Animal- Canines (Mostly Wolves)
◆ Guild- Winter Wolves(Good)
◆ Guild Crest- A blue wolf head. Julia's is located on her left leg.
◆ Guild Leader- Holly Lancastor
◆ Teacher- Sapphire Aquarius

◆ (RAND.) Dun know what to put here yet
◆ Personality- Loving+, Caring+, Sweet+, Kind+, Generous+, Hopeful+, Hopeful Romantic+, Romantic+, Polite+, Responsible+, Calm+, Shy+, Quiet+, Respectful+, Loyal+, Understanding+, Helpful+, Emotional+, Gentle+, Patient+, Curious+, Graceful+, Relentless+, Whiney-, Jealous-, Clingy-, Forgetful-, Nosey-, Overprotective-, Annoying-, Easily Angered-
◆ Bio-----
Gotta edit later
◆ Job- A barmaid and water mage at the guild
◆ Residence- RoseWood, Alberona. Birth place, RainLily, Alberona.
◆ Favorite Color- Blue and Purple
◆ Favorite Food- Cupcakes
◆ Favorite Drink- Cola
◆ Phobias- Sharks, Griffons, The Dark, Being Alone Forever, Having Her Heartbroken, Losing Lucy or Yato
◆ Obsessions- Yato-Sama ♥
///Oh, Yato-Sama! ♥w♥
◆ Habits- Stalking and her relentless personality
◆ Appearance- She usually wears a sleeveless dress with at the bottom and and buttons at the top. She wears a short jacket over her dress with fur at the collar and ends of the sleeves she wears a shirt over her dress that's tucked into a belt. She wears a butterfly belt over her regular belt and sockings with fur at the top and fur boots. She wears a hag with a bow on it and her butterfly pin.
◆ Jewelry- A butterfly pin and a pearl necklace

◆ Likes- Her Twin Brother, Yato-Sama, Lucy-Chan, Waterfalls, Hot Springs, Springs, Swimming Pools, Floats, Swimming, Dolphins, Nautical Stuff, The Ocean, The Beach, Sand Dollars, Sea Shells, Summer, Tide Pools, Blue, Photography, Tropical Stuffs, Exploring, Guitars, Radios, Paper Lanterns, Polkadots, Bananas, Pineapples, Smoothies, Music, Horse Riding, Sea Food, History, Ice Cream, Pearls, Animals, Nature, Dogs, Cats, Soda, Peaches, Chocolate, Cookies, Popsicles, Anime, Mangas, Soup, Bubbles, Cheesy Jokes, Cheesy Pickup Lines, Stars, Star Watching, Celestial and Cosmic Stuff, Classic Music, Reading, Butterflies, Rain, Snow, Sweets, Socks, Birds Of Paradise, Fountains, Birds, Donuts, Pillow Fights, Tickle Fights, Mountains, Clouds, Bunnies, Magic, Hugs, Mythology, Folklore, Antiques, Feathers, Puzzles, Candy, Sand Castles, Babies, Quotes, Crystals, Jewels, Jewelry, Books, Singing, Noodles, Paper Fans, Astronomy, Origami, Oranges, Legends, Egg Rolls, Cosplay, Flowers, Meadows, Spring, Fairy Tales, Stuffed Dogs, Aquariums, Autumn, Autumn Rain, Spring, Piano, Fire Flies, Angels, Roses, Blue Roses, Tea, Coffee, Pudding, Soap Opera, Romantic Movies, Kimonos

◆ Dislikes- Naito Flirting With Her and Yato, Hide-N-Seek, Horror, Sneaking, Hot Sauce, Being Lost, Thunder, Itchy Stuff, Strangers, Being Scolded, Homophobes, Bald Heads, Tattoos, Piercings, Porn, Strippers(Exotic Dancer), Urban Legends, Rap, Hip Hop, Demons, Demonic Stuff, Vampires, Liars, Drama, Dark Guilds, Aliens, Cannibalism, Racism, Dragons, Wild Parties, Alcoholics, Breaking The Rules Or Laws, Dirty Water, Too Much Makeup, Messy Hair, Being Too Cold, Mushrooms, Fungi, Giant People, Public Bathrooms, Camping, Ghost, Haunted Houses, Jerks, Meaners

◆ Family- A small family that are smart and clingy. They don't stay in contact much anymore except for Julia and July.
(Parents) Sapphire Castor and an unknown father
(Siblings) TWIN July Castor
(Uncle and Aunts) Edward "Tiger" Castor
(Family Pets) Sandy(Fennec Fox), Neptune(Dolphin) and Coral(Fennec Fox)
(Nephews And Nieces)....
(Grandparents) UNKNOWN

◆ Children- ...
◆ Best Friends- Yato Frost, Naito Snow, Lucy Marie, Ruby Marie, Tracey Masterson, Rosie Marie, Mashiro Marie, Kagami Marie, Mia Silver, Pietro Silver, Sienna Tie-Lang, Mary Sue

◆ Friends- Valiant Snow, Hachimaru Frost, Danny Patriot, Viktoria May, Barry "Flash" Patriot, Oliver May, Danny Patriot, Acura FireStar, Melody Marie, Isabella Maron, Marshall Lightning, Acura FireStar

◆ Enemies- Nylon "Jet" Staton, Thalia Black, Jubilee FireStar, Grim Maister, Danica Crimson Maister, Sam Tie-Lang, Sabrina Black, Carol Marie, August Maron, Serena Lancastor

♥ Fun Facts

● She's very clingy if she has a crush on you
///*Clings to Yato* Yato-Sama, always so cool! ♥w♥
● She is very much inlove with Yato
///Yato-Sama ♥
● Because she's a water mage, she can literally cry a river, so whenever she crys, she has to be moved to the docks
● She isn't a pirate, but, she also rides in her brother's boat for water transportation
● She loves to dance. Her dancing is as graceful as a violent swan, her dancing is mostly ballet. So she's surprisingly good at ice skating. When she stops being paranoid that is
● She's smart, but, not as smart as the rest of her family
● She often travels with her brother
● Yato and Naito often fight because, Naito pretends to be inlove with Julia to make Yato jealous. Yato thinks he's a creepy pervert who needs to stay away from him and her. Naito has sort of a baby crush on her, but he isn't inlove with anyone as much as he's inlove with Yato. He sees her more as a little sister really than a crush. Welcome to teammates explained. -.-

● She often adresses her favorite guildmates as Yato-Sama, Naito-San, Hachi-San, Lucy-Chan, Holly-Sensei, Valiant-San, Acura-Kun with honourifics
● Sometimes she speaks second person
● She is a very cheering character and not as gloomy as everyone else
● She is an expie of Juvia Loxar from Fairy Tail
• Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima
● She is just as short and innocent as Lucy
● She and her brother never fight, except over Yato. Her brother would never hurt her, but they're both inlove with Yato, so you know how thatgoes. Yato's booty changes his guildmates XD
● She gets shy around Yato
● She hugs Yato when she's happy and he's in a 10m radius as her
● She will not hurt a fly unless you piss her off
● When she's sad she can make it rain and the sadder she gets, it'll end up raining sideways, even to the point it rains forever in any area she goes
● For alittle while she lived with her mother, while Orin lived with her uncle
● Her brother is her best friend
● She was born 20 minutes before Orin
● She loves love songs and romantic movies
● She'll eat ice cream when she's upset
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