Rapi Dash: The forgotten Guardian. Picture

Yes Yes.. This IS in fact a Pokemon, turn into a Kirin like character! There is a reason why I rarely talk about her.. However, I did want to draw her, at least once, as her story is far from over...

(Long history ahead!!!)


Rapi is a female Kirin, born very similar to Blitzen, but much older. At her current age of almost 400 years, she is an almost forgotten part of Hope's Asylum, but without her, there would be no refuge to those rejected outside the town's seclusion!

Her history began earliest after a report of a Dragon attack and the finding of a young kirin filly, holding tightly to the bodies of both her mother, and sisters. The Dragon was attacked by Guards, despite her protests, and sadly, her only other relative died there. Later on, she would blame Celestia herself for this, as she did order the dragon fought (who was her mother's brother).

The Princess, feeling terribly sorry for what happened let the young kirin live near the Castle... but Rapi hated her as the days grew, resenting her greatly. So, in order for her to be both protected, and to let her have space to herself, she sent her to a hidden facility that was closed long ago, but still around, called "Hope's Asylum".

Despite the name, The facility was a place of refuge even longer before from political refugees, Griffons without homes, and other non-ponies who were accepting. When Rapi was moved there, she was placed in charge at a young age of 121 (12 in pony years)... and Guardian of the only prisoner there: The Great Kellie. The Kelpie swore to obey Rapi, as well as help her with her raising.

Unusual refuge:

Not much changed, until a hundred years later. Rapi was a young adult, and decided to allow a particular group few knew about live there, in exchange for never being attacked: Changelings. Her ability to negotiate this, was do to another Dragon she capture, and kept within the deeper parts of the Asylum. This Dragon, who was partially invisible, LOVED eating the odd shape-shifters, and in exchange for it being captured, the Changeling Kingdoms swore never to steal love, but ask for it via trade or barter.

In time, the treaty faded, though some Changelings stayed, either as prisoners themselves there, or because Rapi knew them and wanted them near, but she then met her love of her life. A Gryphon with Rainbow wings! It was said, that this female actually descended from a species called the Great Phoenixes, which were much like the Phoenixes that exist in Equestria, but very sapient, and even had their own societies! However, they disappeared into mythology... and said to have mixed with creatures, both Dragons and Gryphons.

History with Blitzen:

Rapi was very happy, but never could have children, being sterile, but found out about a sickly blue kirin one day, and jumped at the opportunity to help raise him! He was called "Blitzen R'ohm" which Rapi shortened to "Blitzen" but kept the 'R' around, if his mother ever asked.

Blitzy was very well loved, and taught to use both his electrical power for good, and also be very much the next Guardian of the Asylum. Though, to this end, he was rarely allowed to play, and this caused quite a lot of fighting with Rapi's loved one, and even Kellie.

This came to a huge fight when Blitzen, after accidentally being rough with another child, was beaten severely by Rapi, and caused Rapi's wife to leave for over a year. It was after, Rapi decided she would no longer be a mother to him, but a 'Sister' only, with Kellie being his guardian thereafter.

Another incident later followed five years later when Blitzen was coltnapped by a greedy armor salespony, who held him hostage, in exchange for Rapi's valuable tears and old scale sheddings (which, while useless to her, made lightweight armor). Blitzen however, was not returned, causing Rapi to ask for help from the one place she never wanted to: Canterlot.

Celestia declared the sale of said armor illegal, but even he Guards turned up nothing, until out of no where, a group of bat ponies, calling themselves simply "Blades" asked to help. In exchange for a safe place to stay, they found Blitzen, tied up, and almost all his scale peeled of to his skin level, save the scales near his rear legs.

Rapi gave the Blades what they asked, and gave them home with her refuge and a place of honor to the clan, which many of them still reside, if not serving under the now reformed Night Guard. However, she disobeyed her part of the agreement in returning the pony responsible, instead torturing and killing him. Canterlot and Hope's Asylum never talked again while under her reign.

The downfall:

Rapi was very well loved, however, after her wife died, and she left Hope's Asylum for over a year, many citizens found her unstable. Blitzen actually began to explore outside of Hope's Asylum, and met the Cutie Mark fillies briefly, and taught him there was much more out there! He visited Ponyville, met Silhouette, and even had some trade restored due to his very well liked nature.

At this point, many ponies and non-ponies alike, asked for Kellie to make him the new Guardian, when Rapi found out about this, and sought to kill both Blitzen and his friends! Blitzen, regardless of everything he was taught fought his 'Sister' once, but they stopped not wanting to destroy other's outside the town.

It was however, not over. Blitzen appealed to Canterlot and asked both Princesses (after finding Luna was in fact back, contrary to his sister's tales) to be part of their Guard, or at least a representative for his refuge and home. In exchange, he swore loyalty, and vowed under an authority of a Dragon, freeing himself of Rapi's legal care, and even show Luna and Celestia how to age himself normally, so he too, could be more relatable to others.

During these talks, Rapi entered and attacked him, nearly killing her young family, but made one mistake Blitzen took action on: She stood near a water fixture and he attack her, shocking her as she prepared to kill him, and instead, her magic stuck her eyes, blinding her! Rapi cried out threats, and wished her smaller 'brother' dead, something that caused the kirin colt much sadness, but she ran off, even blinded, never to be seen again with the refuge's walls.

Procedure made Blitzen the new Guardian, and Canterlot promised to hone his skills as a growing colt, in exchange for more trade, and careful study on his unique physique and care for another hybrid called a "Longma" soon after (BUT THAT is another story!)

The Wandering Kirin:

It is said Rapi, though blind, is still out in the Everfree, much wiser, but ashamed to meet her past life and those she knew. She avoids ponies as best as she can, only interacting if she senses trouble. Her rule might be over, but her story? Well, we shall see!


Rapi Dash, is a play on RapiDash.. a Pokemon, which is owned by the Pokemon Company, Game Freak, and Nintendo

No copyright violation was intended, just a nice homage to the creature!

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