Ollie the Orca (FNAF OC) Picture

I'm kind of in the mood of creating a FNAF OC. It's the thing to do right now so why not? It's still not done, but i really wanted to post it. I'll update it maybe...

Name(s): Ollie the Orca

Specie modeled after: a killer whale

Programmed Gender: Androgynous, so that both boys and girls can equally appreciates Ollie

Duration of Service: ~6 years

Height: ~ 7 feet

Fur Color: Pastel Green and light green (FNAF 1), Pastel Green Cyan and light Green Cyan (FNAF 2)

Eye Color: Pastel Green (FNAF), Pastel Green Cyan (FNAF 2)

Reason for decommission: Older kids would argue too much on who between Ollie and Foxy was better (see Backstory)

Brought back into service?: No. Was brought back as a Toy in FNAF 2 but decommissioned again.

Function in the pizzeria: They entertain the kids by telling stories about their life on "The Sea Lion", their ship. They will tell stories of when they met various mythological sea creatures. They will also tell various legends of mystical marine creatures. These stories also has a moral behind it. In FNAF 2, Ollie can now roam around The Marina and interact with the kids. They will only remain around The Marina though.

Level of intelligence (measured against a person): Same as the other animatronics

Programmed personnality: Adventurous

Personal audio: Undecided

Fredbear's design: N/A, did not exist.

Toy design: Pastel Green Cyan and Light Green Cyan with a captain hat. Also has a blue white and red belt with an anchor on the right side.

Freddy Fazbear's design: Pastel Green and light Green with a small captain hat.

Unique skeletal features/Ai features: Has a functionnal tail. It wasnt remade in the Toy version though.

Quirks: a few audio glitch

FNAF 1: Aggressive
FNAF2: Aggressive

Hours most aggressive:
FNAF 1: 1-6 am
FNAF2: 3-6 am

Nights most active:
FNAF 1: 2 and on
FNAF 2: 3 and on

Starting location:
FNAF 1: The Marina
FNAF 2: The Marina

Programmed course:

FNAF 1: The Marina -> Kitchen -> Dining Aera -> East Hall

FNAF 2: The Marina -> Kid's Cove -> Dining Aera -> Party Rooms

Mechanics: Undecided

Audio cues: Undecided

Attack screen: Undecided

"Interactions" with other animatronics:
Freddy: N/A
Chica: N/A
Bonnie: N/A
Foxy: N/A
Toy Freddy: N/A
Toy Chica: N/A
Toy Bonnie: N/A
Mangle: May talk to "Toy Foxy" about various topics if they ever come close to eachothers. But since kids kept dismantling Mangle, they rarely met. When Toy Ollie meets the dismantled Mangle, Toy Ollie will act as they are having a normal conversation, even though Mangle's audio box will only make glitching noises.

FNAF 1 4th/5th night glitching:

Level of AI:
Night 1: Not active, may glance directly at the camera, but won't move.
Night 2: Rarely moves. May make it's way to the Kitchen, but won't go as far as the Dining aera.
Night 3: More active than the second night. Has a possibility to reach the east hall. May attack the night guard
Night 4: Active by 1 AM. Moves faster than the 3rd night.
Night 5: Active right away, more aggressive than the 4th night.
Night 6: Same as night 5, only more aggressive and fast.
Custom Night:
(0-2; easy): ~Night 1
(3-6; normal): ~Night 2
(7-12; hard): ~Night 4
(13-20; extreme): ~Night 6

Backstory: Ollie was created after the owners remarked that older kids seemed to be a bit bored of the Stage Trio, since they were only singing the same songs over and over. Seeing as the Pirate Cove was a bit overloaded all the time, the owners designed Ollie and The Marina to make some sort of alternative to Foxy and Pirate's Cove. The Marina is at the complete opposite of Pirate's Cove, and consists of a small bridge where Ollie can sit with a ocean background. A fake seagull is also placed on the bridge. There are also a few pillows spread around the bridge so that kids can sit on them. Ollie tells stories about their life on their boat, "The Sea Lion". They encountered many mythical creatures. They also will tell the legends of these mystical beings. Since their memory wasn't all that developped at that time, they only have 5 different stories and 5 different legends to tell. Since Ollie is constantly sitting, they cannot make any interactions with the other animatronics. Ollie was decommissioned because older kids would fight to know which one between Foxy and Ollie was better. And since Foxy could do much more things than Ollie, they chose to remove them and leave Foxy. After the Bite of '87, Ollie wasn't brought back. In FNAF 2, Toy Ollie is brought back and The Marina was placed in a corner of Kid's Cove. At first, The Marina was supposed to be placed closer to the other animatronics but it was placed in Kid's Cove due to the fact that there was almost no place left for it anywhere else. The Marina now has a small version of "The Sea Lion" so that kids can play in it and pretend to be sailors. Toy Ollie was supposed to be for older kids but due to their emplacement, its stories were adapted for younger kids, so that parents doesn't complain about "Toy Ollie's stories not being appropriated for young childs". But after the staff saw what the kids did to "Toy Foxy", the owners decommissioned Toy Ollie so that the staff didn't need to reassemble not just one, but two animatronics each days.

Lore: N/A

-The reason why Toy Ollie doesn't have a functionnal tail was because it would be too hard to recreate it, so only the part closer to the body can move up and down.

Reviews would be appreciated <3
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