Rachel Matthew Harley Picture

Yeaaah! A finished Bully Oc!!

Full Name [& Pronunciation] - Rachel Matthews Harley
Meaning - What is it to you?!
Set Age - 16
Certified Birthdate - 19th of feb 1997
Astrological Sign - Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac - Ox
Gender - Female
Aliases & Preferred Nicknames – Scarred, shorty, Cracker.

Physical Description

Hair Color - Red with black stribs
Eye Color - Green
Weight – She refuses to let anyone know that
Height - 163 cm
Typical Clothing Wear : She tries her best to keep undercover as she can, shifting from all the different cliques clothes all the time, but she mostly wears green or teal colors in school clothes, and different from all the other, she wears a tie.

Figure/Build -

Distinguishing Features/Scars/ or Birthmarks – She has three claw marks down her right cheek all the way down to the start of her neck.

Explain: When she was around the four years, she got in a fight with the family dog, Daisy, who then made the marks.

Tattoos: She doesn't have any.
Piercings: She has a nose ring.
Frequently Worn Jewelry: She dislikes jewelry.

Personal Information

Current Living Arrangements - She lives in the prep's female dorm, being from a wealthy family and all.
Traveled Territories - Just about everywhere.
Hobbies - She enjoys starting firecrackers when the cheerleaders are showering, then throwing them into them. The same goes for the football team.
Fears – She isn't really afraid of much, but losing control over her small army of nerds.

Religion/Beliefs – She has always had a very clear image of what she belived in, which is just about anything.

Health Behaviors

Physical Ailments/ Disabilities/ Issues – She has a maniodepression.
Addiction: She is very addicted to adrenalin kicks, and does everything to get a rush.

Any regular medication taken? – Sleeping pills and pills against her maniodepression.

Chronological Information

Profession - Student.
Likes - Having her own personal army of nerds, making fun of the cheerleaders, throwing firecrackers after little kids.
Dislikes - Getting caught doing the things she love.
Goals/Ambitions – Getting Gary to rule the school.

Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience - When she was abused by her uncle.
Story behind experience: There really isn't much left to say there is there?

Weapons/Equipments - Fire-crackers and whatever the nerds now hand her.

Personal Attributes

Personality - She is a very jealous person and very aggresive when it comes to it. She can go from peaceful to starting the 3th world war in 0.5 secounds.
Strengths - She has a good arm and can throw very far, the only weapon she can use up close is a whip.
Weaknesses - She isn't good in upclose combat and therefore uses her good arm to throw firecrackers or eggs.
Good Habits - She trains her arms reguraly and at least pretends to eat what the cafetria serve, to be nice to the lunch lady.
Bad Habits - She bits her nails.
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors - She is very kind and caring, until you hand her a potentional weapon, and the reason she can only fight close with a whip is questionable.
Stereotype - The one you doesn't notice until it is to late.
As you know them better(and you like them) : She can get more open towards you and tell you about her obessesions.
As you know them better(and you hate them) : She will torment you in every way you can ever imagen.

Physical Strength : 4/10
The only strength she has is in her throwing arm and her legs, since she runs much and throw much.
Attractive : 7/10
Many has called her pretty, when she have her scars covered up, but when they are out, not so much.
Honesty : 5/10
You will never know is she is honest to you or not, she can be brutally honest, or just tell you what you want to her to get you on her side.
Rule Abiding : 2/10
She isn't very good with rules.
Sociability : 6/10
She is abit hard to get to know, because of her jumpyness, but when you finally catch her, you can always have a good chat.

Bullworth Academy Information

Reason for enrolling: Blowing up toilets on last school.
Clique - Part Prep, part Nerd.
Standing and Rank in Social Circle - Queen off the nerds, the prep outcast.
Room Number – 13
Roommate(s)- Beatrice, since she moved out from room with Wendy.
Favorite Subject(s) – Chemistery.
Why?: She can always get away with blowing things up.
Least Favorite Subject(s) – Math
Why?: The teacher is an ass.
Favorite Teacher – Chemistery teacher.
Why?: Because he let her blow things up.
Least Favorite Teacher – Gym teacher.
Why?: He is a creep.

Language(s) – Danish, Norwaigen and English.
Chemistry - A+
Math -F
English - F+
Geography - B-
Politics/Law - C-
Economy - C-
Cooking/Culinary -F
Shop - A-
Botany/Biology - B-
Mythology - F
Art - F
Photography - B
Reading Level - She reads pretty quick, over averages.

Overall Intelligence Level(s) - Averages.

Relationships Statuses

Trusted Companions

Closest Friend(s) – Pete, so he can tell about what life is with Gary.
Friend(s) - Gary Smith, she is obsessed with him, and helping him, so she is an alley of his.

Hated Rivals

Worst Enemies – The cheer squad and the jocks.
Intolerable Students - Jimmy Hopkins.

Hot Encounters

Hinted Attractions - Gary
Crush(es) - Gary
Lover(s) - None
Ex(s) - Pete, she only went out with him to get close to Gary.

Eating Habits

Favorite Food(s): Anything drowned in ketchup is good enough for her.
Favorite Drink(s): Beam Cola or something like that.
Disliked Food(s): She isn't picky with what she eat.
Disliked Drink(s): Alchole.

Proclaimed Theme Song(s): Unwell- Matchsbox Twenty, Killer Queen- Queen.
Scent – She smells mostly of oil, fire or anything close to that.
Favorite Color: Tealish colors
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Animal: Squirrel
Favorite Music Genre: Greaser music

Most Memorable Quote – "I know I could, but I don't know if I would and if you think I really can't, then I wont, jackass!"

Various Quotes Through Interaction :

Walking around – "Well, who are we gonna blow up today?"

When the fire alarm goes off – "But, I didn't do anything!"

Good Terms: "Hello, wanna go watch the cheersquad scream?"
Bad Terms: "Why don't you just go blow up?!"

Saying goodbye –
Good Terms: "Why don't we blow out some more?"
Bad Terms: "I am gonna blow you up in your sleep."

When Flirted With –
Good Terms: "Well, heh, wanna go blow?"
Bad Terms: "Ugh."

Watching a fight – "Haha!"

Attacking – "Take that, jackass!"

While Fighting – "You will not survieve this!"

Chasing someone – "I am gonna get you!"

Out of breath – "I'll throw firecrackers!"

When hidden from – "Well, looks like it is time to blow up the whole school to find you."

Knocked out – "Fucking shit.."

Stink bomb explodes – "Did it go of in my pocket again!?"

Opinions on students who reside at Bullworth Academy–


Davis White: "Ugh, I wish he would just go away."
Ethan Robinson: "Screw him."
Russell Northrop: "I would like to watch that big bread blow up."
Tom Gurney: "He is kinda cute I guess...Just not Gary cute."
Trent Northwick: "No, no, no, no, go away."
Troy Miller: "Mmm.."
Wade Martin: "I am not sure really."


Hal Esposito: "Ha, He wish he could rev up this Harley."
Johnny Vincent: "I wish he would leave Lola alone."
Lefty Mancini: "No, go away."
Lola Lombardi: "She is kinda cool, I guess."
Lucky De Luca: "He isn't that lucky when it comes to me."
Norton Williams: "Ew."
Peanut Romano: "He is actually a good support, to much of a gentleman though."
Ricky Pucino: "No."
Vance Medici: "He is so cute to me!"


Bo Jackson: "No."
Casey Harris: "No."
Damon West: "No."
Dan Wilson: "No."
Juri Karamazov: "No."
Kirby Olsen: "No."
Luis Luna: "No."
Mandy Wiles: "Go die bitch."
Ted Thompson: "No."


Algernon Papadopoulos: "He is kinda cool, he was the first one to start bowing for my feet when I became the queen off the nerds!"
Beatrice Trudeau: "My most geeky roomie, she does my homework the most of the time."
Bucky Pasteur: "Yes, Bucky, Bucky, Bucky, he makes cool stuff for me."
Corneilus Johnson: "Pretty nice."
Donald Anderson: "Mm.."
Earnest Jones: "Yes, me and Earnest share the power, I work undercover for him most of the time."
Fatty Johnson: "No, he keeps hitting on me."
Melvin O'Connor: "Wait, this is a male?"
Thad Carlson: "Mm, not sure what to think of him.."


Angie Ng: "She is fine, doesn't see her much."
Christy Martin: "Yes, the closest I have to a female friend, why? Because we never spoke."
Constantinos Brakus: "He is fine."
Eunice Pound: "Ew, ew, ew. Go away, fat bitch."
Gary Smith: "I want to rule the school with him, and have his kids."
Gloria Jackson: "Never spoken to her, but I think she was on the cheersquad for one day and then left when she saw what I did to them."
Gordon Wakefield: "Meh."
Ivan Alexander: "Yes ehm..Me and him has maybe kinda hooked up once, it was very awkward and he sleeps with his eyes open and I just ran."
Jimmy Hopkins: "Fuck him."
Karen Johnson: "She is kinda sweet, she brings flowers to the prep girls."
Lance Jackson: "We never spoke."
Melody Adams: "There should have been two D's in her last name, cause she sure is spooky."
Pedro De La Hoya: "I feel bad for him, I have many times had to chase the bully's away from him."
Pete Kowalski: "He is my best friend, he tells me about Gary, but of course we also do friend stuff, like go to the carnival and stuff. Back when we where a couple, we often just made-out..I got tired of that, he didn't."
Ray Hughes: "Go.the.fuck.away."
Sheldon Thompson: "No."
Trevor Moore: "He is one of those students I like not to think about."


Bif Taylor: "No."
Bryce Montrose: "No."
Chad Morris: "No,"
Derby Harrington: "GAAAAAAAAAAY."
Gord Vendome: "No."
Justin Vandervelde: "No."
Parker Ogilvie: "No."
Pinky Gauthier: "Her name gives my opinion away, no."
Tad Spencer: "No,"

Opinion on Adults who teach and patrol at Bullworth Academy – (in alphabetical order)

Miss Danvers: "She is fine."
Miss Peters: "No."
Mr. Burton: "CREEEEP and a pedo."
Mr. Galloway: "He is always drunk."
Mr. Hattrick: "Asshole.."
Mr. Luntz: "Nope."
Mr. Matthews: "No."
Mr. Wiggins: "Okay."
Mrs. Carvin: "No."
Mrs. MacRae: "NOOOOOO."
Mrs Peabody: "LESBIAAAAN."
Ms. Phillips: "She is fine.."
Neil: "He is awesome, he say I can break things so the greasers can fix them again!"
Dr.Watts: "Best.Teacher.Ever."

Prefects – "Are all some fucking douchbags! You throw one firecracker at a little kid and then gets beaten up about it!"

Opinions on People in the cities of Bullworth city-


Clint (aka Henry): "Meh.."
Duncan: "He is kinda cool..close to my type.."
Edgar Munsen: "He is pretty cool."
Gurney: "Meh.."
Jerry: "No."
Leon: "He is okay."
Omar Romero: "I haven't met him."
Otto Tyler: "Meh.."
Zoe Taylor: "She is a bitch beyond what I know, I like her."

Residents in the city of Bullworth – "Ehm..I am not really allowed to talk with strangers in public places, beside, they all seem pretty boring."
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