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So I'm working on a summer project that's full of characters that actually aren't pokemon. And this makes me very happy. This is one of my characters, Harmonica is her name. The following information is in the context of my story.

Harmonica is a Gamayun which is a prophetic and legendary bird. Gamayun live on a very small and very secluded island close to the entrances to Hell and Paradise. The entrances and the island, being of course very important and very powerful places, are impossible for any normal being to reach, supernatural or otherwise. As a result the great birds are rarely ever seen and, since documentation on the exact nature of the Gamayun and the island they inhabit is scanty at best, many treat them as merely a myth. Having the ability to see the future and possessing massive magical power would attract much unwanted attention otherwise and so it is really for the best that no one believes in them.

But somehow an egg ended up on a mountain, not far away from the residence of a vampire. Harmonica hatched not long after and immediately took the surprised woman for her mother. Harmonica has been living with her and her menagerie of servants for about 20 years now, although she still looks like a small child.

Harmonica can of course see the future, and in some ways she can control it. Her visions range from foreseeing a slight drizzle in about an hour to horrific and graphic depictions of wars and other disasters in the far future. She can also focus her visions around a specific person, but these are not usually as reliable. In addition to future sight, Gamayun can also create vicious storm to use as weapons. The control Harmonica has over this power is not very developed. She can create rainstorms and if she really concentrates thunderstorms as well. Her winds can reach 10 mph. All in all her future sight is much more advanced than her storm magic, but she has all the time in the world to get better.

[link] <<-- For more info about the Gamayun, but I warn you the article is very tiny.

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