Antique Goddess 1 Picture

It was a long Way to implement this Project
Story behind:
I saw a Report on a local TV-Station about a fantastic Man who called 'Ruinenbaumeister' (Ruin-Masterbuilder). I was overwhelmed of his Garden ( he owns 3 indeed
He builts with old Stones, Columns, Statues and fountains a wonderful, fantastic and unique place, where I became speechless!!!

There you can have a look at his Work (it's in german)°°°°°°


Well, then I had some kind of Dream and the Idea of the "Antique Goddess" (actually --->"Godesses" I asked my Sister and her Friend if they where interested at a Photoshoot in white long Dresses and lots of Gold -----They were also on Fire to do this!

When everything was cleared with the willing Models and the 'Ruinenbaumeister', I started to get all the Materials für the Dresses and everything else.
And in few Weeks I sewed the Dresses and we found a fixed Date to come together. One really important thing was the good Weather that we really needed. Chance brought it about that we could do that long and hard Session yesterday

I'm very happy, that everything functioned and the Result outreaches all my Expectations and what i could imagine

And wanna thank all Participants:
my Daughter
my Husband

the beautiful and funny Models:

my Sis

and LIA

aaand of course the Master himself "Manfred Ritter" aka "Ruinenbaumeister'
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