Another Facet of Haldom Picture

Based loosely on when I had this doodle in my head:…

I like Halian. I made him so damn broken, that all of his multiverse alternates are half-way broken on their own. Or just weird.
Also gives me the 'excuse' to draw him not-cosplaying.


Lets pretend this is the Halian of the Percy Jackson Universe (Cuz why the heck not?)~

Name: Halian "Hal" Nir

Alternate "Greek" Name: Halus Continuos

Gender: Male

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Light Blue

Father: Unknown

Mother: Goddess Aphrodite

Status: Demigod

Weapon: "Shell of Armament" (Megaton-Hammer-Wannabe)

Blessed Items:
-"Sash of Sashay", Gift from Aphrodite upon completion of Hal's first Quest, after witnessing him in combat with an MP3 stuck in his ears the entire time. Aside from being stylish, it allows for any sort of premeditated music or tunes to emanate from it like an omnidirectional speaker.
-"Cloth of Eminence", Gift from Aphrodite after completion of a personal Quest. Clean white linens of the finest materials that never wear, tear, or lose their (once more, stylish ) white radiance.
-"Shell of Armament", Gift from Hephaestus upon seeing Hal in action during and in completion of a Quest, nothing to do with Hal's disapproval of his mother's "partners." Indestructible (as usual) super-heavy war hammer with controllable internal piston attached to central weight, allowing for dramatic increase in impacts. Also shortens handle for carrying ease.

Combat Style: "The Rhythm": Almost always accompanied by music (or at least a distinct beat), the stances, movements, and actions are almost always performed along with music (although not necessary for it to be audible) and allow (with much practice) to allow a very distinct control of the flow of battle. No specific weapon required, but different weaponry work better with various tunes. Example: When using the "Shell of Armament," any music used generally has a heavy, distinct beat and/or bass throughout. The most basic being a simple, militaristic march/row.

Disposition: Carefree, friendly, somewhat protective, sadistic/violent in combat, unnaturally intimidating when angered, willing to stand aside to let others gain experience, broken OP troll

Quirks: Abnormally strong, efficient in combat, and uncaring of personal appearance for a Child of Aphrodite (not that its affected his looks, being a Goddess-child and everything). Openly (and at times rather bluntly) disapproves of many of his mother's (and the rest of the divinity, but they're all a lost cause anyway) choices and life styles, but is still easily classified as a Momma's Boy. Assumed carry-over from being an Alternate of Halian.

Origin: Unknown father meets divine embodiment of adulterous milfery (Why the hell did I type that...?) and some R-rated things happened. Wait a bit and suddenly he gets a baby in a basket from his ex-partner, and promptly leaves the child at an orphanage due to assumed broken heart from relationship. Child's blanket has only "Halian" on it, assumed first name, last name given as "Nir" as a throwback to an old local legend with a nameless protagonist (given to all of the orphanage's unnamed children as a pseudo-family name). Raised as a normal enough child, until being forced to fight off a hostile dog to protect a friend with naught but an average hammer. Soon after, the usual demigod-hunting monsters start popping up, and as the monsters get larger, he gets more experienced. Unnaturally so. After getting unto trouble a few times for "public misconduct" and "excessive self-defense" (namely beating the crap out of groups of gang members and monsters, or both), he decided to move out towards the coast. Some minor things happen, bigger monsters catch on to him, and suddenly theres a horse-man-thing flinging around mini-ballista bolts (calling them "arrows", of all things) like a card dealer on caffeine.

After being introduced to the world of mythology, things continued rather smoothly. His mother's Claiming came rather shortly after arriving, when he'd been bowled over and awkwardly straddled by a pair of nymphs. Despite his mother being what, essentially, amounts to everything his idea of a "woman" is not (minus attractiveness), he's likely the largest Momma's Boy in the camp and would gladly do (almost) anything she'd ask of him. Possibly due to being an orphan and finally finding one of his parents (who didn't ditch him of their own free will), he usually does his best to make her happy/proud of him. Obviously, several of the other campers poked fun at it, but they learned very quickly that his smiles of happiness were very, very similar to his smiles of incoming pain. Now, he's one of the elder campers that watch over and assist any younger ones when necessary or called upon.


-Goddess Aphrodite: His beloved Mother and probably one of the most important figures in his life, even if she can only visit in occasional dreams. He would gladly do anything to make her happy or proud of him (aside from mimicking her life-choices, that is) since he places family in high regard. She, as a mother should, loves her child mutually. Even if he's a weird one to have come from her, given his overall effectiveness at anything not pretty, sex-related, or regarding relationships.

-Goddess Artemis: Wary around him due to his quirks, but more comfortable than most males she spends any amount of extended time with. At least she doesn't try to stick him with pointy sticks, or turn him into a deer.

-Artemis' Hunters: Far more uncomfortable than their Goddess, but mostly due to the fact that their initial meeting had them trying to pin-cushion him, but even after several volleys, he lacked even a scratch. They'd never seen someone literally dance through their arrows and smacking any errant projectiles aside with his oversized hammer like he was just twirling a baton. Their stereotypical anti-male reactions garnered no effect from him, and Artemis never really acted hostile with him, so they have since held their ineffective fire.

-Campers: After learning that his patience has several very shallow ends, but unlimited patience elsewhere, he's become one of the more respected and reliable elder campers among them. He's willing to help (as long as its not something stupid) and will protect with a zeal that is almost scary to watch at times. It may be the hammer, though. Thats scary to watch, too.

-God Hephaestus: During one of Hal's earlier quests, his fighting style utilizing a standard war hammer impressed the God into periodically watching him in combat. After one little stint in which some speech-capable monster insulted his Mother rather vulgarly, and the ensuing beat-down over the course of nearly half an hour (he took his time), and the argument that "just because I disagree with her, doesn't mean that I'll let you get away with saying it-" being overheard, he decided a little gift was in order. I mean, hey: Hammers.

-God Ares: Main target of disapproval from Halian, and the feeling is mutual. Unfortunately, Hal still has the upper hand between the two. Not only is his mother the source of basically anything good in Ares' recent life, making Halian ineligible for attacking, but he still hasn't repaid the demigod for the broken foot and follow-up nut cracker during one of their earlier meetings. He's not getting even, for the record.

-God Zeus: Other, lesser target of disapproval. Doesn't really need explanation. He's the main reason anything on a higher plane than humanity is a lost cause and would be better off not existing. Also source of pity for Hera, and is next line like for a Foot-to-Nut Cracker combo. It will be glorious.

-Goddess Hestia: Second favorite goddess, and she clearly adores her (grand?)nephew as well. While as friendly and kind as ever upon their first few meetings, and actually socializing with her more than most other campers do their entire stay, the one night that he somehow managed to get drunk (or drugged) he promptly tackle-hugged her upon seeing her child form and claimed her as the new camp mascot. After which he proceeded to carry her about on his shoulders in a drunken stupor and soundly incapacitate (with no actual harming outside of bruises) any who attempted to sedate him. She didn't try to leave either way, so in the end no true harm was done- Although the following rubble, small desert of golden dust, and excessive use of ambrosia led to any sort of booze or drug from coming within eyesight of Halian, despite his unknowing consumption of whatever it was. Nobody bothered asking why Hestia remained with him until he woke up in the middle of the dust of slain monsters.

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Inherent OOC © Me, too

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