Hel and her wolf Picture

Hel is a being who presides over a realm of the same name, where she receives a portion of the dead. She is the daughter of Loki.

"Hel paced placing her hands upon her dress her darkened hand shaking while her light one held steady to the material. She feared for her off spring, she had not meant to change that which the girl was meant to be; she had not meant to create the girl in the first place, but she could not help it, the wolf was charming always presenting himself well groomed and well spoken, he had talked to Hel like a equal saying how beautiful she was, how worthwhile of a mate that she would be. No one had spoken to Hel so, they normally scorned her and ignored her as she walked whispering that she was the death god, that she would take your sprit if you were not careful; not the wolf though, he always praised her and talked to her face to face. He had charmed her and they created that which Hel cherished above all else."

That is Hel, who does this remind you of? Non other then Eme Taske's tri toned daughter? Coincidence? that you will have to think of yourself =3
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