Breakfast With Leona Picture

Maybe it was the fact that he was up north, or maybe the summer was just acting up, but Simon found mornings at the Broken Barrel to be quite cool. The air was strangely crisp. The scent of dew and sappy oak seemed to float through the air. Like a morning hike in the forest during the fall. Only without the dying leaves and endless rain.

Simon pondered this as he laid half-awake in bed. The contrast of the cold air and warm covers made the idea of a transition out of the bed debatable. The second he lifted that cover and hit the cold wooden floor, he would be in a world of discomfort. Oh, that wretched mild discomfort. He didn't want to leave. He didn't want to go to work today. He didn't want to be thrown into managing a restaurant, delivering and transporting packages, hunting down and brawling with deadly and bizarre criminals, and also be slightly cold.

Then came a gentle knocking on the door. Three consecutive knocks against the wood echoed into the tiny room. Simon considered responding with some kind of signal that he was awake, but instead he simply curled back up with the covers and sighed.

"Hey Simon, you up!?" Called a voice.

Every sound served as a method of agitation. His mind was so unprepared for the world. So regressive and sensitive. How could he hunt bounties in this state? Surely he would just have to stay in bed for the rest of his days. It was the only way.

Suddenly he felt a strong tug on his covers. As gracefully as it was rapid, Simon's covers were torn from his grasp. They receded from the bed in the blink of an eye, exposing his body to the cold air. He was wearing a small t-shirt and patched boxers, but that wouldn't help. It was like hitting a wall of ice. Falling into a frigid ocean. Jumping headfirst into the river. The air seemed to flood in and crash against his body, wrapping him in a veil of ice. His entire being cried out in agony, yet he was too tired to writhe and squirm. So he kept still, save for his eyes, that struggled against the light coming in from the suddenly opened blinds.

He rolled onto his back to find the perpetrator of this heinous act. Blinking, he made out a certain slender form, dressed with dynamic and pronounced curves. The figure was tall. Much taller than him. Though he was in northern nymph country, and they tended to be larger than normal. Finally, when he made out a certain supple bosom that seemed to rock and shift with every little movement, he knew who he was dealing with.

"Get up, Simon, breakfast is ready." Leona said, placing a set of folding clothes at the foot of the bed.

Simon wasn't operating on a very high level at that moment. His brain wanted to address Leona, and his body wanted to lash out in a fit of rage. And his mouth was still dry from the night before. At the end of it all, he forced out whatever words he could form. "YehIllgitrightonthet." He lazily muttered.

The buxom amazonian nymph left him to his suffering, and he sighed, finally sitting up and looking at the clothes she had dropped off. There sat his jacket and a pair of pants, looking fresh from a wash in the river. Simon sleepily touched his feet down and grabbed the pair of pants off the bed, hopping into them while trying to keep his balance. Once that was said and done, he grabbed his patched jacket, slipping it on easily like he had done countless times before.

Time to get to work.

If I lock a story into a setting, I figure it should be one with enough freedom to do whatever I want.

Basically the idea is that Simon has a summer job. That summer job is at a tavern and inn. There, he's their errand boy. He often runs packages around town or picks up deliveries for the inn. He also takes the job as a bounty hunter for them. The deal is that they supply him with a room, food, and medical care, and he gives them a majority of what he earns in exchange for housing.

So, that's where I got the idea for the Broken Barrel Inn and Leona. And I think there's potential here for something. I dunno.

The drawing's okay. I gave Leona a few more curves. Still trying to get the design. But it's okay.
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