ORANGE SODA - Blue Skies Picture

Promo fer me upcoming webcomic - Orange Soda.

It's kinda weird story. I've been working on it fer ages, and it's gone through a lot of changes. Started out in semi-futuristic San Fransisco and now takes place post-apocalypse-future earth. xD

I got a lot of inspiration from old horror movies, Norse mythology, and eighteenth century alchemy for the story. Go Figure plotwise how it meshes. xD

I always hate what marker work looks like scanned. I had to fiddle with this fer like an hour and I stilled didn't get it to turn out quite right.

Not that the marker work in this itself is anything wonderful. The sky has a big ol' line through it.

Considering it was almost halfsize of Fullview on paper since it started as a mindless sketch, it didn't come out as awful as it might have.

ORANGE SODA, artwork, characters copyright @ Libris 2004-2008. Do not use without permission.
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