Mar01:Guinevere Picture

yeah. this is a basic sketch of my final piece in my art project based around the Pre-raphaelite movement and their fascination with mythology, fiction and religion (such as greek gods, Shakespeare and Bible stories respectively) Yes I know the twisted anatomy kind of makes it look like a 5 year old could have done better, but some of the most influential PRs literally did this kind of thing to the models in their paintings. In these two, by Rosetti, look for twisted fingers, giant hands and how Proserpine's right shoulder seems to be in completely the wrong place to match up with her right arm: [link] [link]

how they managed to keep the visual balance i dont know, its amazing; i definitely cant do it.

My model was my Darling Sweetheart, and i give credit to her earnestly. ^^ Thank You xox

Copyright (c) for the legend of 'Guinevere and Gawain' from the 'Ice fire' series by Chris d'Lacey
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