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Alias / Nickname: He prefers to be called his name, he's been called apple moth, and apple sauce
Age: 19
Species: Rosy Maple moth
Height/Weight: 5'0, 109 lbs
Seme/Seke/Uke: Uke
Sadism/Masochism: sado/maso (he's not too big on either one but he can take stuff and he can dish it out)
Speciality/Talents: Cooking, sewing, academically talented, playing the flute, self defense, dancing
Stats (Rank D)
-Stamina: 3
- Charm: 3
- Wit: 3
- Technique: 2
-Willpower: 4

-Apples, lemons, strawberries
- playing the flute
- math
- mythology and mythical creatures
- books
- all types of music
- patient people
- dirty talk
- lemon and apple tarts
- lemon squares
- loves milkshakes
- speaks german (lived in germany), english (taught in school and of course learned from his family), and french (taught by his mother)
- dancing ( he used to dance alot more as a way to increase his physical abilities though he hasn't done it as much unless he's completely alone )

- rude/pushy people
- antennae or wings being touched
- being told what to do
- if someone interrupts him or his reading time
- don't touch his books
- being touched without permission
- strangers
- loud noises

anti-social - He is hard to get along with and is uncomfortable around others, due to childhood trauma from always having his delicate wings and antennae touched. If you wish to get to know him then be patient and follow his personal rules, respect him.

touchy - he is short-tempered, and small things easily set off, such as nicknames. He does not hesitate to be rude if he finds the other person rude to him.

sensitive - If you touch on subjects such as saying rude things about his mother there could be two out comes, he'll tear up like a baby then punch you or just straight out punch you.

impulsive - He doesn't think twice about his actions, unless they're big decisions, he tends to insult people based on looks.

Mott grew up with his father, mother, and sister (celia) in Germany. They were just a normal middle class family. He was athletic to some extent but always preferred books much more. He also liked helping out with his mother more than his father just because he had taken a liking to cooking and helping stitch together any clothing he ripped while going outside. Despite how much Mott went outside he only did it so he could be in a quiet place while he read books about mythology. Though because he clung to his mother much more he lacked a few things his father tried to teach him later when he was around the age of 13. His father thought he lacked the mentality to take care of himself as well as to remind other that he was the man of the house (Mott highly disagreed with that sort of thinking) . Mott picked up only a few things such as self defense. His self defense was only small things like punching and kicking at first like every other person. He then incorporated his own style into each little punch or kick, taking pieces of advice from his father whom was at one point a black belt in martial arts. Basically Mott knows how to defend himself as well as kick someone's ass. At that age Mott got caught up in school and had lots of problems hanging out with other children which was what developed his fear of other people so he more or less closed himself off. When he tried to open up people would end up just scaring him because they'd touch his wings or antennae too much so he stopped trying. That was when he got more and more involved in books and literature as well as playing the flute which his mother also started to teach him starting at the age of 9. He liked that they were much easier to deal with rather than people. He continued pushing himself into school work more as well as his books and started to get a little snappy against others than his mother and sister.

Around the age of 16 his father left the family after getting in a big fight with his mother, they though he'd be back but in the end he never did so Mott started to harden his shell more just to protect his mom and Sister. The father left the family with a huge debt (which was made due to his father gambling their savings behind their backs. Right before he left the father gambled away a good bit of their living money) that the moth wanted to help his family pay off since his sister was still in elementary school. He studied harder thinking that getting into a good collage and a good job would do wonders but even so getting a scholarship and being stuck in college courses for a few years wouldn't help his family. So after looking all over the internet, asking a few acquaintances, hearing rumors from delinquents he heard about a place called Eden which, after getting one of his only friends that happened to be good in the information network to find out more, he then found a way to apply to there by just selling himself.

Wealth: $27,040

Partners: Kai

- favorite mythical creature is caladrius (www.santharia.com/bestiary/cal… )
- Hates nicknames
- He only hates being touched because people tend to always go for his wings and antennae
- very cautious
- loves sweets (not too big of a chocolate fan)
- his room is mostly filled with books and clothing
- bed is full of blankets and pillows
- favorite book series is harry potter
- sensitive neck, hips, and thighs
- he has a tongue piercing

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