Delilah Picture

Everywhere you go, you leave pieces of yourself behind. And I don’t mean just the obvious things—hair and skin cells and the like—but something far greater. In every place you’ve been, every single moment your spirit connected to a place or an object or a person, you have left behind a tiny, lingering piece of yourself. Call it your soul if you will, or just a hint of your spiritual essence, but those threads of your being tie you forever to the places you’ve lived, traveled, been connected to. Trust me on that; I’m a ghost, so I would know.

The living people around here call me Delilah...

A drawing of the MC in my short story "Pieces of Me." If you'd like to read it, it's linked above. I plan to use this as a chapter illustration when I eventually publish a compendium of short stories written from the POV of mythological monsters.
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