Capravi Picture

I based this off of a doodle I found in an old notebook. And yes, for those of you who know Whirled, this is a custom avatar.
It is a hippogriff-like creature, incapable of true flight, but uses its wings to leave the ground while running for short periods of time (2 - 10 seconds). They live in herds lead by a dominant pair and inhabit tropical areas/areas with warm climate. They spend the day hours hunting in open grasslands, and return to the forest after sunset. The long, straight horns are observed in males only, and are used as weapons. Horns on females and adolescents are curved and considerably shorter. It is tamable, much like a horse. Having a muscular build, it has considerable strength and stamina.

~Fact file~

Diet: Omnivorous; insects, fish, small mammals, fruit, some species of flowering plant
Size: 3-4ft/0.9-1.2m at shoulders; 4-5ft/1.2-1.5 from beak to tip of tail feathers
Weight: 120-260kg/265-573lbs
Agility: Top speed while running = 82mph/132kmh Top speed while gliding = 89mph/143kmh
Place in foodchain: Few natural predators, though infrequently, large carnivores do manage to take down disabled individuals (calves, old, injured, sick)
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