FTN-Jaynette Frost/ Mama Oshun Picture

Name: Jaynette Frost

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 17

Height: 6''2

Weight: 150

Birthday: December 17, 1998

Hair color: Dyed Black *Naturally Red*

Eye color: Maroon

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Family Members: Mother, Father, no siblings


Responsibilities or Jobs: Part time at a second hand bookstore

Name: Mama Oshun

Gender: Female

Species: Majickal Voodoo Priestess

Age: 20???

Height: 6''2

Weight: 140

Hair color: Red

Eye color: They change color randomly

Sexual Orientation: Why Label? Considers self to be Pansexual-but leans straight.


Responsibilities or Jobs: Mediator between Nightmare dreamers and Normal Dreamers-consort of the 'Gods'-Revenge Expert.

Characters past

Jaynette comes from a loving and kind pair of parents. Her mother works at a university teaching world mythology and her Father is a botonist. Due to their jobs forcing them to work 7-days a week, they're not home often and it eats away their spare time-they always seem to find time for Jaynette. Growing up-Jaynette was fasinated by her Lousianan Mother's tales of the Voodoo Gods of Hati and of New Orleans. Her personal favorite was Ghede-the rowdy fun loving apple eating god of death that protected all children. Jaynette does attend a local public school. She's only dated a few times-8 to be exact, but has found she doesn't care for stupid highschool boys. She says when they learn to get their hormones in order-then she'll date: But only after they stop being douches. Her friend circles have varied over time. She once belonged to a large group now dwindled down to five that actually remain loyal and care about her the way she cares for them.

She is increadibly fond of Caffine and considers StarBucks a place of worship and of Wifi. She loves to Skateboard and is rarely seen without her beloved ride-it is her entire world on wheels. She likes to practice in empty parking lots, especially infront of the hospital.

Characters present state

Jaynette is still in highschool and planning on attending the local university where her parents work after graduating. She plans to try and go for a Psychology degree-but would also love to get into the art program as well as train in the field of recovery theraphy. She currently works at a second hand book store called BookHaven where she is subjected to the whining of teenage girls over the latest fictional heart throb vampire or something like that....She actually just works there for the discounts.

Their Presonalities

Jaynette is a very wild and outlandish young woman. She is a loving and adoring friend and would do anything if you asked her-that is within reason. Her Judgement is unbiased and will argue her point to death if it means getting her idea across to you. She acts half the time like someone poured a redbull into her cappicchino making her a good bit on the hyper side-but she usually directs her hyperness to self imrpovement and getting stuff done. She is very protective of her friends and will fight you if you so dare as much upset them. Some say she acts almost a bit Motherly.


She adores her Skateboard, Caffine, and old school zombie movies. She's a huge mythology buff and can easily spout useless trivia if needed. She enjoys street graffitti although she has yet to actually try it. She loves Tim Burtons work and watches a lot of Anime. She is a Homestucker and she loves her red hair-she only dyed it black on a dare and now she hopes it'll grow back in as red as it used to be. She adores her little friend Josiah whom she met while doing volenteer work at the local hospital over the summer. He usually ends up coming over to her house and watching movies and doing dumb friend things.


While usually not a person of great hatred-she despises it when someone trys to pick with her friend. She also seems to hate it when she runs out of coffee.

Relationships outisde of dream realm

Josiah-OMG my prescious lil' babie! You hurt-I snap your spine and make pasta salad. I will kill you if you try to pick on my sweet lil' Morail.

Reason behind Dream Form:

Out of all the stories her mother told her-her love for Ghede is intense. He reprents the poor people of Hati/Lousiana and is their protector. He is a trickster, a judge, a god and a friend to all. The name of her dream form comes from another Voodoo god-a female called Oshun. She is believed to be the Goddess of Change for the better.

Characters Present State

Oshun currently lives on the edge of the Forest of Signs in a run down old Shack. She offers her services as a Revenge Expert-but she seems to prefer a psychological approach to everything. She often helps and councels Nightmarish Dreamers and has made many friends this way. When she's not helping the broken and avenging the mistreated-she often enjoys partying.

Their Personality:

When not being a party animal-Oshun is a very well spoken woman who sounds like she belongs in Pride and Predjudice rather than her reality version's modern upbeatness. While she does not condone it-Revenge is her best job and she loves to serve justice. Her ideals are that Nightmare'd Dreamers and regular dreamers can live in peace, harmony, and maybe just jam together in this big beautiful dream world. She retains a superior motherly complex and is a friend to almost anyone she meets-it's hard to hate someone as easy going as her.

Likes and Dislikes

Oshun adores apples, drinking, partying. Her passions include assisting nightmares whether they want it or not. She despises manipulaters of the mind and protects children with a passion. Her wrath rarely ever surfaces, but when it does-it's like a horrendous hurricane of hatred and passion.

Relationships outside of Reality

Nomivore:Madame Nom in the company of Jermey Snake appear to be kindered souls I can certainly relate to in the efforts of bringing Nightmares and Dreamers closer-I hope we can do more work together in the future.

Jaggity-We are going to be friends even if it kills me, you pretencious felidea.

Issac: Sir Issac is indeed an equine of good noble qualities. He makes for a fascinating adventuring partner and I would gladly accompany him wherever or whenever

Dante: a fascinating individual who is a Detective of sorts with a Shadow wolf. They seem to deal in Nightmare extermination. We had the pleasure of racing but not much else. I honestly hope he and Jaggity do not cross paths-Jaggity is very unpredictable at times..... 

What bad things happen when they spawn a nightmare? Why?

Jaynette's once beautiful rainbow eyes become button eyes and she is literally blind to everything. She is fearful, fretful and alone. She doesn't know how to help herself-rather than become dangerous, she becomes no help at all and more of a puppet.

What Good things happen when they spawn a fantasy? Why?

Her eyes become almost strobe like and has been known to cause eptetic seziures in other dreamers. Every noble quality of the gods are filled in her body and her opposers will soon find their bodies rittled with her sharp needles.

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