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Hello and welcome back everybody. I'm the Media Man and I'm here to review something for you all, which goes without saying as that's why I even exist pretty much. You may all remember my Transformers Prime review right? Well the show recently concluded with 65 episodes and an epilogue movie. I've reviewed the show so I'm here now to review the epilogue movie. And that is...Predacons Rising.

Predacons Rising is a 65 minute movie that was released directly-to-DVD in October 2013 but was leaked online before the DVD was released in September. The movie was meant to conclude the Transformers Prime series and I'm here to see if it does just that. So does this movie conclude a great series well? Or should the series have just ended with that last episode? Let's find out for...wait a minute. I'm supposed to be joined with Vorahk for this review. Well, I'll just wait until he arrives before we...

Suddenly, a black pulse fills the room, and Vorahk lands face-down on the floor.

Vorahk: A word of advice: Don't mention Michael Bay on any Transformers forums. The flamewar was massive.

Media Man: "Oh Vorahk, you're here now. Well let's get started. I'm the Media Man and joining me is Vorahk for a review on the Transformers Prime epilogue movie, Predacons Rising..."

Vorahk: You don't mind me, I'll just lie here, smouldering.

So the movie opens with the Autobots on Cybertron, which was restored to functionality at the end of the Season 3 finale "Deadlock". Optimus gives a short speech on the end of the war and the demise of Megatron at Bumblebee's hand in said episode, as well as commemorating the deceased Cliffjumper, and the absent Ratchet. Optimus then promotes Bumblebee to warrior class, in a scene inspired by real-world dubbing a knight, which was pretty cool. This culminates in Wheeljack using about half of his supply of grenades to detonate a huge statue of Megatron, and kick off the celebration. On the whole, a good opener, but one very clearly made for people who followed the series, not so much for newcomers.

Media Man: "I think that opening was meant mostly for followers of the show since only people watching the show would even be watching this really.

After that opener, the Autobots find out that Cybertron cannot produce new life and in order to do so, they need the All-Spark so Optimus and Wheeljack go off to find said All-Spark. But as customary in all Transformers, things get messy once Optimus leaves. First Ultra Magnus and Smokescreen discover two new Predacons, then Unicron brings Megatron back alive and comes to Cybertron and then he raises an army of undead Terrorcons, all made of Predacon remains. So now the Autobots need to stop the Terrorcon army and save Cybertron from Unicron/Megatron's almighty wrath.

So what's good about the movie then? Vorahk, you first."

Vorahk: First off, the callbacks to the series were great, as were the mythology gags. If you're familiar with my opinions, I'm not a huge fan of mythology gags, mainly because it's very often a case of inserting a reference into the story and expecting the audience to laugh. But in this case, the writers managed to work the gags into the dialogue, and keep it flowing without it sticking out like a sore thumb. I kinda got tired of Bumblebee after two movies and an oversaturation of figures, but in this film, he's awesome, and definitely among my favourite characters in the Aligned Continuity. Plus, Galvatron, as I will be calling him, was pretty much the best villain they could have gotten for a finale.

Media Man: "I agree Bumblebee was pretty cool in this film and Galvatron (Unicron possessed Megatron in this movie) was a great villain. As for stuff I liked, it did have some good animation and some funny moment. I laughed my arse off at Smokescreen stuck in the wall after Knockout nicked his phase shifter (take that you stupid Mary-Sue!) and I also liked it when Bumblebee yelled "Knockout! We needed that!". Can't close off a series without that classic gag can we? I also liked the animation too, it's as great as ever and feels like a conclusion to the movie because of it.

Now for the cons of the film. For me there's a few. I'll list them:

1: Shockwave disappears and never shows up again for the rest of the movie. Why?! They may as well have let him die when he got piled on by Terrorcons!

2: This movie has NO business being called "Predacons Rising". It's not even about the Predacons! It's about Cybertron being restored more like! It should have been called "Unicron Rising" really, HE'S the big bad of the film, NOT the Predacons!"

3: Knockout's heel turn was forced and unnecessary. They only did it so they could keep him alive at the end.

4: Optimus Prime is BARELY in this movie! He's spending most of the movie retrieving the friggin' All-Spark!

5: The final battle with Optimus and Galvatron wasn't good enough. Should have gone on for longer.

6: After Megatron gets Unicron out of him he flies off and...that's about it. We don't know what's happening to him now or what he's doing next. He just...flies off and that's it.

And finally 7: Why did Optimus have to sacrifice himself at the end? You don't have to force your series to have a bittersweet ending you know.

What do you think Vorahk?

Vorahk: I still like Smokescreen. Probably because I liked Hot Rod in G1, and Hot SHot in Armada. It's also worth noting that he gets a good bit of character development: Letting go of his desire to be a great hero because he accepts that Bumblebee is the better choice for a new leader.

I also liked Knock Out's heel turn. It brought a decent level of depth to his character, since, save for Breakdown, he was always among the more affable, and he has a humbling moment when Optimus is giving his final speech, admitting that he never had the best role models.

I agree on Shockwave, though, as well as the title. Funnily enough, some dubbed versions mis-labelled it the far more appropriate "Chaos Rising." I also hate bittersweet endings, although this is Prime, it can't be completely light, and Optimus' spark seemingly survived.

The other complaint I have is that Starscream's character is all over the place. I don't like loyal Starscream. It's like Optimus being a psychotic jerk and Megatron retaining his idealism: Keep it restricted to Shattered Glass. So as you can imagine, I was pleased when the opening stages of the film made it appear as if Starscream had been loyal to further his own agenda, and now that Megatron was gone, he would be a major villain. Unfortunately, this all disappears when Galvatron arrives and he goes back into boring sycophant mode. And when Megatron is freed and renounces evil, he suddenly goes back to being, well, Starscream. And then gets eaten by Predacons.

Media Man: "Or at least that's what it LOOKS like. I like to think that Starscream jumped out of the chair over the Predaking and then blasted off and fled forever. Oh another complaint I have is the fact the movie forgets about Soundwave. I know he's trapped in the Shadowzone BUT could they have at least made it so Soundwave gets back to the (excuse the pun) "Prime Zone"? Wouldn't it have been nice if Soundwave got to come back? I mean he's awesome! They can't leave him in the Shadowzone forever! Same with Airachnid, the movie forgets about her too. She's on Cybertron's moon. Surely she'd come to Cybertron, sensing Energon on there and coming to the planet to feast. Mind you, the movie's got enough characters as it is so no need for anymore I guess.

Aside from that, Predacons Rising is a pretty decent story overall. It ties up enough loose ends and it delivers a good conclusion to the Transformers Prime cartoon. It's got cool moments, funny moments, intense moments and emotional moments. It's a decent film overall...but could have been better too."

Vorahk: It's worth noting that the series has comics surrounding it, so maybe Soundwave and Airachnid will get addressed there.

Media Man: "Really? Cool.

So there's just one thing left to talk about. The music. It' different to the show really.

You got anything else Vorahk?"

Vorahk: Yeah, said music is awesome, and I like how Bumblebee became the new leader. It reminds me of the awesome IDW comic. Hopefully, we'll see more from this continuity at some point. We probably will get someting, a new Cybertron game to finally close the gap between WFC/FOC and Prime.

Transformers Prime is still the best series the franchise has had, and this miles ahead of Michael Bay. Look, a Transformers movie with no humans! It can be done, so let's not have another Sam Witwicky, please.

Media Man: "Agreed.

So that's Predacons Rising. It's a good film that concludes the series well enough and leaves you satisfied to have watched the series to its true end. Just fix the problems it had and it would have been perfect.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, check it out. You may like it. It's a good conclusion to a great series...

So...what's next for you Vorahk?"

Vorahk: I dunno. I have to review Pokemon Y at some point, and I'll be taking part in Kiva's three-part review of the Eggman Empire saga, in this case 177. I've got plenty more rants and a Nuzlocke to finish, so yeah, a fair bit.
Media Man: "OK then. See ya next time buddy."

(Vorahk leaves.)

Media Man: "So that's it for this review. Join me next time as I review one of the most well-known game-shows of all time. I'm the Media Man, I love media and I'll see you next time..."

Mixedfan8643's REAL thoughts: Predacons Rising was an OK film really. Not perfect, just OK. I recommend watching it if you love Transformers Prime.
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