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"There is no lamb for the lazy wolf"

RP Status: Open
Preferred Methods Of RP: GoogleDocs, Notes, Skype (in order of preference)

Voice sample: Tuomas Holopainen

Basic Information

Rank: Fresh Meat
Alignment: Northman
Occupation: Exiled prince

Name: Askr* Ásbjörnson
* In Norse mythology Askr and his wife Embla were the first humans created by the gods -- the Norse equivalent of Adam and Eve. 'Askr' is also the Norse word for 'ask tree'.
Goes By: Askr
Nickname(s): None
Age: 24
Birthday: March 1st
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"

Sexuality: **Pansexual
** He's not so much pansexual as he just doesn't really care. He appreciates the human body in relation to his own and doesn't really care what sort of 'equipment' it does or doesn't have.
Marital Status: Single; not looking for marriage
Religious Reliefs: Somewhat skeptical but accepting belief in the Norse pantheon and mythologies
Nationality: Scandinavian

Birthplace: Scandinavia
Current Residence: None; Askr is mostly nomadic

Personality, Appearance, and Background Information

Physical Description: Askr has shoulder-length blonde hair that gets slightly lighter in the summer and wavier in the winter with a bone charm woven in that he never takes out. He usually wears it with the front pulled back -- a remnant of his days in court where such a style was befitting of a noble -- but will sometimes pull it all back into a tail. His eyes are typically a very vibrant blue, but will change color depending on mood -- they will get lighter if he is pleased or happy, darker if he is displeased or aroused and will go a stormy steel-blue if he is downright angry. He has a scar over his left eye and down his cheek from a childhood accident, though he rarely speaks of it as well as other various scars, mostly from unfortunate battle encounters.

Clothing Style: His casualwear consists of a long blue-grey tunic, simple leather bracers, fur-trimmed cloak, belt, leather skirting partly for warmth and partly for protection, grey breeches and dark grey fur boots. Being from a royal family, he does retain some of his formalwear as well -- soft black doeskin breeches, dark grey fur boots, belt, and a black tunic with gold trim. He also has a set of (relatively) light armor consisting of steel greaves, leather and chainmaille skirting, a thick leather belt, leather pauldrons, steel-plated bracers and a fur cloak.

Personality: Askr's a quiet man who is easy to overlook when he wishes to remain invisible, but who has the charisma to be able to lead others when it is necessary. He is kind and can be rather softspoken, good with children and courteous to women and the elderly. He treats others as equals and is seen as a fair man by most he deals with.
But underneath the courtesy and the kindness, he has a festering, seething rage that fuels almost everything he does. He desperately wants revenge on his brother, not so much for the theft of the throne intended for him, but for the murder of their father. He lays awake at night inventing horrible torturous ways that he can force Hjálmarr to repent for and regret the things he has done. But this rage and the drive it inspires in him also provoke deep-seated feelings of guilt. Family is something to treasure, not something to hunt down like a wounded animal.
And so he hides the conflict and the rage and the shame the best he can and becomes the introvert who escapes by seeking solace in the occasional -- not always intimate -- company of women (and sometimes men).
General Attitude: With the bounty that his brother has put on his head, Askr is usually very careful to take the role of an unnoticeable passersby. Unless he knows how a situation will directly affect him, he usually doesn't partake of it, with the exception being if he is witness to an injustice. Even if it will get him noticed in a negative way, he cannot help but try to prevent the mistreatment of women and children, the sale of people into slavery or outright murder. He has a moderate distaste for Christianity as well, but it does not move him to such extremes.

He holds dear the ideal that a good King should be just and should let courage and morals lead his rule, but also realizes that such a paradigm is not possible even under the best circumstances, let alone his own. In his most dire situations, he is not above morally-questionably decisions and actions -- such as theft -- to feed himself, but he prefers to avoid it whenever possible. When confronted by people looking to cause trouble or to collect the bounty on his head, he also tries to avoid killing them -- he understands that many of them are simply seeking the money as a means to provide for their families and should not be killed for their desperation.

Talents/Skills: Is an excellent rider and talented swordsman; rumored to be good in bed
Likes: Snow, a warm bed and a hot meal, occasional companionship
Dislikes: Exceedingly hot/humid weather, marshy ground, fishing
Fears: The complete dissolution of morals by giving in to his extreme rage
Facts + Trivia: Askr was born with the cloudy or 'milky' eyes of a blind boy. No one thought he would be able to see, but the condition mysteriously cleared up within a few weeks.
Quick Bio: Askr was born the first son of the King and Queen and as such, most of his upbringing was tailored to his eventual rulership. He was taught to recognize house sigils, who they represented and whether they would be friend or foe, he was taught swordplay and how to ride and hunt. His brother was born four years later in a difficult birth that was the death of their mother. While he received mostly the same upbringing without the overemphasis on ethics and fairness that their father instilled in Askr, he felt snubbed by the man who he felt blamed him for their mother's death. And yet, he was still rather jealous of the relationship his brother had with their father -- and it created a rift between the two boys.

When their father fell ill, Askr withdrew into himself and spent a lot of his time alone, contemplating the possibility that their father might not recover and that, at the tender age of nineteen, he might become the ruler of a people he wasn't sure he was ready to lead.
Hjálmarr used Askr's frequent absences to lay out the specifics of something he'd only figured would be a daydream and a few days later, while Askr was away, implemented it. He murdered their father in cold blood and placed himself on the throne supported mostly by a small contingency of warriors who had a reputation for being particularly vicious. He had promised them various things -- mostly lands and wealth -- if they would help fend off any attempts to retake the throne. When Askr returned, he tried to take back his throne, but lacked the support of his people due to their fear of his brother's wrath.

Askr figured he had essentially been beaten for the time being and fled the area which promptedÂ
Hjálmarr to put a bounty on his head for fear that he would return with an army at his back and try to retake what had been stolen from him. For five years, Askr's lived a mostly nomadic life traveling from place to place and never staying for very long. He's worked as a fisherman (which was the only thing he truly hated), a personal guard, a stablehand, a farmhand and various other jobs, but mostly as a sellsword.


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