Skoll Picture

This is my depiction of Skoll. He and Hati are the sons of Fenrir in Norse Mythology.
They are the two giant wolves who chase the chariots of the sun and moon. Loki helped put them there in order to make the chariots run as they would not move out of arrogance.
In legend, during a solar eclipse, it is said that Skoll swallows the sun and that is why it disappears.

Hati's depiction coming soon!
I'm gonna try to make a comic someday.

He's wearing a cross because the comic is going to take place in the modern day.. and his character is intrigued by Christianity. x)
What a weirdo.

Anyway, I don't like the lines because they're so thick. I lined the sketch with a permanent marker.
I really need professional equipment!
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