Podsol bestiary: Myling Picture

Yet another species found in the wetlands of Podsol, the myling knows better than to compete with large predators like dragons or hydras. The strong hind legs means it can move both in trees and through the water, which is usually enough to avoid slower, larger animals. Mylings are noctural predators that eat anything from fish and crayfish to eggs and garbage that they aquire by raiding backyards and chicken coops. Despite this they are popular pets due to their curiousity and soft fur, and hunted for the same reasons.

Little doodle I liked of a myling, a creature you have seen before but then poorly drawn. The name comes from Swedish folklore; a myling is the ghost of a child who was murdered by it's mother before it could be christened, haunting the place where she hid the body. Pretty gruesome, I know, but it fits with the mythology theme I've got going for Podsol fauna. Paper texture by
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