Hounds of Hecate Picture

Number 2 of my finals for my year 12 studio arts class from high school.

From Greek Mythology I chose the tale of Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft and crossroads. Now you're going "But where is she then?". That's just it... I said in the description of the Pegasus that it was animals that I chose... well, Hecate was accompanied by Hounds. Hence, Hounds of Hecate. But it was never stated how many hounds that Hecate had, so I made a group.

I used various photographs of two German Shepherd dogs that I know, called Rani and Coby. I turned them all black and white, gave them read eyes and then placed them all together to form the pack. The background is a photograph that I took of the Victorian (Australia) high country after fires went through at Easter back in 2007.
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