Charlainie (Charlie) - Creepy Academy App Picture

yeahh... i wanna get back into roleplaying and this group is rather small and cute...

so yeah information:

Name: Charlainie (Shar-Lane-E) (Charlie for short)

Staff/Student: Student - Freshman

Age: "14" (She's lived a long time due to her species, BUT her thought and age converted to normal earth years would be 14)

Race/Species: Half Púca (Irish Shapeshifer)/Half Human

Height/Weight: 5' 3''

Sexuality: Straight

Abilities: Shapeshifting into any creature they would like, BUT they do NOT gain any supernatural powers of said creature they morph into. They only can gain strength or any physical attributes which allow for defense. (Ex. Morph into eagle, she has sharp talons, which can potentially hurt an enemy) Shapeshifting is difficult and takes a lot of energy, especially if she is shapeshifting into a large creature. She only shapeshifts when she has to, because after effects of shapeshifting are extreme fatigue to the point of passing out. (She can only freely shapeshift without fatigue from Human to Puca form)

Weapon(s): Claws.

Personality: She is shy, and prefers to be in the corner, not speaking to anyone. She opens up rather fast, but isn't too trusting of people. She can be very anxious/nervous at times. Do NOT anger her, she holds grudges which can cause her to become devious. She WILL get revenge somehow. If it's just a small prank or something that can potentially harm her victim.

Likes: Small places. Art. Getting revenge. Watching people get their comeuppance.

Dislikes: Rude people. Ignorant people. People who are really obnoxious. Crowds. Being the center of attention. The mentioning of her father.

Her father was a Púca who "fell in love" with a female human. Her mother died giving birth to her, and she never learned anything of her mother. Raised by her Púca father, named Ciaran, she grew up learning that MOST humans where the poision of the world, but there were a few that weren't all bad. In which she grew up in a forest surrounding a small irish village, where her kind was welcomed, until a town preacher spoke bad of her kind and cast away her and her father. Her father, looking for a safe place for him and his daughter, soon learned that all of the country had been casting out Pucas. While searching and traveling, they ended up hiding in the sewers of London. Ciaran knew he needed to find his daughter a safe haven. He heard of Creepy Academy and decided to send Charlie there. While she was sent out, he gave her a photograph of her mother. She didn't care much for the photo and put it inside her bag. While traveling to Creepy Academy, she took out the photo and noticed a note written on the back.
"To my future child, I am sure you will grow up resenting me...Your father I am sure won't tell you the truth about me. My name is Aileen, and I am 27 years old. I am married, to a man named Faolan. We have a beautiful son named Sean. He is very ill and your father promised to heal him if I carry his child. I wish I could see you, but my life belongs to my family. This sacrafice of my life will not only bring yours, but save my only son. One day I hope you understand..."
Since reading the note, she has chosen to take her human form more than her Puca form. She felt resentment towards her father after that, and refused to contact him upon entering Creepy Academy.

RP Sample:
Quietly standing in a corner, Charlie shuffles her feet and fidgets with her fingers. "I hope they don't notice me..." She thinks.

Upon anger, she will shapeshift back to her Puca form.
Her skin is rather light-ish green as human form.
** Her voice is most similar to Taryn Manning.

So Pucas are this irish creature known for shapeshifting...I looked up interesting mythological creatures and thought these were cool.
Their appearance are based off the NORTHERN irish stories of a Goblin like creature, rather than a goat.
She has a fear of being called out for being half human, she keeps it a secret, considering she doesn't like most humans, even though she is part human herself.
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