Faine Radcliff Picture

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Name: Faine Gareth Radcliff
Age: 17 years old
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 30st
Dunno, somewhere in Kansas
Current Residence:
Camp Halfblood
Sexual Orientation:

Godly Parent: Dionysos

Physical Appearance: Faine is a skinny boy at 162 centimeters. Because of eating disorders and lack of physical activities his body is really thin and weak. Thought, he still has some baby-fat making his face round and soft and the body is originally robustly build. He has several piercings (Spectum, bridge, snake bites, industrial in left ear and Targus in both) and a tattoo of a vampire-bite on his neck. He always dresses in black clothes and is rarely shown without long sleeves and hoods.


Grumpy: Faine gets grumpy when he’s hungry and thanks to his eating disorders it’s almost all the time. He’s negative and only sees things on the dark side. He always has to go against what people say, even if he’s obviously wrong.

Honest: If Faine got an opinion in anything or thinks anything special about something, he says it. If he hates someone; he’s not scared to tell them and if people asks for his opinion, he’s honest and tell them really what he thinks, even if it could hurt someone.

Asocial: People are one of many things that Faine don’t like. He don’t mind them if they don’t mind him, but very often they just have to talk to him or look at him. Crowds of people make Faine feel uncomfortable and makes him wish he had the ability to shadowtravel away.

Biased and stubborn: If you don’t make a good impression the first time you meet Faine, then you better give up trying get friends with him. If Faine has made his mind about anything, it’s really hard to change it.

Likes: Sleeping, just flow around like a shadow, not being minded by others.

Dislikes: Dionysos. Food. When people ask him questions or when people look at him for too long. He doesn’t like having other’s attention and finds people who are too happy really annoying.

Biography/background: Faine grew up with the wrong sort of people. His mother was an alcoholic and a misuser. She was a nice mother, but all her boyfriends were harsh and abusive, making Faine trying to spend as little time at home.

Faine was early drawn to older kids, interested in everything that broke rules and laws, especially the thing called alcohol. He was a curious child and also got the strong rebellious personality from his mother, he just had to know what the grownups around him was drinking and smoking. He often skipped school and hung around with rebels like him and tried to get his hands on tobacco and something to drink.

Faine’s parents, Audry and Dionysos, met at a party, and the father found pretty fast that Audry was an interesting woman. Then, Audry lived the lighter parts of her life and was a steady woman and really knew what she wanted. Though, she couldn’t handle the truth about the gods and monsters walking the earth when Dionysos decided to tell her. Saying that she was protecting her newborn boy, she tried to hide from Dionysos and anything that had to with the mythological world to do. Dionysos came to visit a few times in Faines life, but Audry chased him away and Faine never understood that it had been his father trying to talk to him.

In his life, he’d met several satyrs saying they’d take him to a safe place, but he never came with them. At last, he told them not to seek him up again, and he never saw one again. At the age of 14, three demigods had found him and dragged him to camp. They told him that they found him by accident, but later Faine wondered if it was his father that had send them and forced him to camp, just to mock with him.


Chlorokinesis - If any form of fighting is needed, chorokinesis is what Faine would prefer to use. Thought, because of his overall condition, his powers drains quickly and aren’t as powerful as he would like them to be.

Satyr charming - Sometimes, if he sound enough determined and threatening, he can make satyrs do what he asks for. It works kind of like charmspeaking, except for that it only works on satyrs. It's also a really weak power and Faine isn't that much aware of it either.

Spear - a short, kind of weird looking, spear with a mist-version as a black chain.

Any disorders or medical problems: Faine has eating disorders and slight dyslexia.


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