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More concept art for my Nova story!

If you've seen my Wandering Wëre, or my Garsreie, you'll know that I love making up fantasy creatures. However, Falca here, though she is my OC, she is an "O.riginal C.haracter", NOT an "O.riginal C.reature". She's a gargoyle. BUT, with all creatures that do exist in mythology and whatnot, I do like to have my own little take on them...

<< My Gargoyle Concept >>
Gargoyles are dragons with rough, thick, stone-coloured hide. They use this as defense against predators, and live in rocky, granitey mountains, whereas they need camouflage. The spiky parts coming out of their backs are a part of their spine that they can flare out to intimidate, but not to fly. They fly by means of a running start on land, or a jump from a high footing that is followed by levitation. Gargoyles are one of the few creatures that are born with the skill of levitation (the Wingless Wyrm ((or, the subspecies Asian Lóng)) is another), however their skill is sort of weak. The running or falling jump is used to build energy first to help their initial lacking.
Because they live in places with very little water (only some trickling streams from air condensation), they have water-reserves in their bodies (like a camel’s hump) and have gained good control skills over the substance.
Over time they were captured, and enchanted via mind-trick and other methods to be bound to buildings whereas they served as guardians to the establishment, as well as guardians against water-damage. This was good for them at least in the way that they had plenty of water.
When Earthlings came over during Gothic times, they found these creatures on the buildings (however, by coincedence they only saw them at times when they were asleep, so they had no idea that they were living). Earthlings wanted to transfer them over, but Novians did not want them to have the beasts. Instead, they constructed stone replicas to trick them. But, they served the purpose of guarding against water-damage, just like a purpose for Novian gargoyles, so all was well.
When Novians found out about the religious implications of the gargoyles that developed later on, they were happy that they had not given the actual beasts to them after all.

Falca (c) Me
Made-Up Gargoyle Information + All Pertaining Concepts (c) Me


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