Rain Cloud Ref Picture

I know this OC is pretty childish, but to be honest, I do not care. I like her too much to get rid of her.
I said a while back she was my Soul Eater OC. She shall not be that anymore considering in Soul Eater, witches have animal powers and are named after mythological creatures. She's just an OC, MAYBE a Fairy Tail OC. Not sure.

Also if you guys can help me pick a better name for her, that would be fantastic.

I cannot for the life of me draw people today, so I made this instead.
I usually draw my OCs with 4 fingers, but if you do it with 5 fingers, her pinky is green and her thumb is blue.
I also need help.
You see all the rest of those hands with her rainbow powers coming out of them, as well as the one she's standing on?
I need help coming up with names for those powers so she has something to shout before attacking.

Now, When she's in the mood to attack, her eyes turn rainbow and if you look right into them, you'll be under her spell. The only way to break the spell is by either killing that person (not her, the one under hypnosis) or by bringing up (at least) 3 good memories the person has. (Let's say she hypnotizes someone with a husband. Maybe a first kiss, a first date, and/or a proposal could be those meaningful memories and they'll be broken from the spell.)

If she's disguising herself, she uses her blue eyes and brown hair. Her outfit/nails don't change.

First Power= The Hand Next to her Hand with Nails Painted
With this she can do two things:
1- She can throw that hand up in the air and make it rain. (No the rain itself is not rainbow. She can just make it rain normal rain and it can only trickle a bit)
2- She can trip someone off their feet.

Second Power: Hand by her Outfit
With this, she can shoot these bubbles and once they hit you, they pop and it's sort of like chewed up gum once it hits you. It sticks you to any nearby surface.

Third Power: Hand by her Rainbow Hair
These act like lasers, basically.

Fourth Power: Rainbow She's Standing On
This is just basically a quick way to get from one place to another. It's basically like a large snake would be to Medusa from Soul Eater.

I kinda wanna see her sing Let it Go to be honest XD
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