Yowie - iPOKEVirus Submission Picture

Name: Yowie
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: Roughly 5ft
Weight: 102p
Allignment: Benevolent

Species: Crocanaw
Type(s): Water
Ability: Hydration
Hidden Ability: N/A
Level: 17
-Water Gun
-Scary Face

Bio: Yowie was donated to the lab because of his agressive and violent nature. Before being given to Dr. Conscientia he was passed through the hands of many trainers who tried to train him but soon gave up after being bitten one too many times. He has the capacity to be co-operative, but a trainer with the skills and patience never came along. As a Totodile Yowie dreamed of nothing but to find his place in life with the right trainer, however he found this quite difficult once he realised that taking orders was something that frustrated him. His last trainer, the one who passed him off to the lab, was a trainer who Yowie deeply regrets ever hurting. During a training session Yowie constantly disobeyed the orders of the trainer in an attempt to show off his 'greater' skill, this ended in obvious failure and a scolding, in anger and frustration Yowie lashed out and bit her, leaving terrible marks on her face. To this day it is something that he wishes he could take back.

Yowie is quick to anger, very impatient and doesn't like working with others, however this doesn't mean he doesn't LIKE others, he loves company but rarely gets any due to his perceived anger and façade of isolation that he keeps up for battles sake. He hurts people in anger but it isn't something that he enjoys doing, the guilt from hurting someone without a decent cause is something that keeps him up at nights, the worst part of the problem is that he is too sorry and embarrassed to apologize to the victim of his anger.

Likes: Idle biting, berries with tough exteriors, fighting alone.
Dislikes: Re-growing teeth, fighting alongside others, being alone.
Strenghts: Strong jaw and bite, quick on feet
Weaknesses: Hot headed, loud, often gets caught up in self.
Fears/Phobias: Being given up on because of temper and aggression.

Yowie feels he's in a constant state of teething, always losing teeth in battles and scraps and regrowing them all quick.

A Yowie is an Australian mythological creature that is portrayed as violent and aggressive, after giving his first trainer a mauled hand he was nicknamed 'Yowie'
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