i will wait for you+ Picture

'i will wait for you,' she whispered, voice taut, bloodied, tainted. 'in valhalla.'
'she did not deserve this!' his eyes were like glaciers, meeting venomous hate in the demoness'. 'you were evil from the beginning..'
'oooh, is the poor baby going to cry? you always were a weak fool. now that i think about it, i am better off without you. ah well; she mattered little, anyhow.'


so yeah.
i saw thor.
fell in love with loki.
i've always loved the comic book villain, but... i had never seen this side of him. they reinvented this character and made him so, so beautiful.
in the comic book lore, he has a supposedly arranged marriage with sigyn, who turns out to be a whiny bitch. he hates her and often odin uses her as a punishment for loki. (handcuffing them together, namely, so he has to deal with her).
in the movieverse (which is different from the comics) i plotted this a little ahead of the movie, possibly after loki is forgiven (which happens multiple times in the comics) and allowed back to asgard. i think odin would let his son back, personally.

the marriage is arranged, and sigyn arrives with her handmaiden, æsileif. æsileif is a half asgardian, half faun girl, age 20 something. she's my creation. loki is captured by her the day he sees her, but she is shy and knows her place.

however, shortly after the wedding, he and æsileif are introduced since she lives in the household with her assigned mistress, sigyn. they become fast friends, and eventually loki realizes that he has fallen in love with her. æsileif has no idea that the man she has grown to love returns her feelings; he never acts upon them, nor insinuates that he feels anything more than platonic affection towards her.

the breaking point comes here, when sigyn finds a letter that æsileif had written to loki, but never intended to deliver. it was more of a dumping of her own emotions, and she had planned to run away. sigyn went to find the girl, and end her, thereby ending the threat of her nobility.

sif informs loki that sigyn left the palace in a fit of rage, and on a whim he decides to follow, finding sigyn as she sends a poisoned knife into æsileif's gut. this is the breaking point, therefore the end of the marriage between loki and sigyn. sigyn is banished, and æsileif's life saved.

so yeah.

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