Villain In Chains Picture

Metal clunked and crunkled, thick chains that ran from thick cuffs, wrists to neck. The prison carrier's access way was dark, dim-lit and stank of rust; that and the cigarette stuck in the mouth of one of the guards. The Prisoner couldn't move much. Held around either bicep by a big guard - a very big guard! - his feet could barely touch the ground. He snorted, blew out the handlebars of his impressive mustache. "I'm not a cripple, I can walk on my own!"
"Hnuh. Right," the left guard snorted. "I heard you run pretty good too!"
"We're in space. Where am I going to go?"
"Escape pods come to mind. Nice try though!" His grip was like an industrial machine. "It's best this way, trust me. Ever clocked one of my species on the charge?" The Prisoner had seen this guard in better light, but even if he hadn't he knew Quainians; underneath that rhino-skin (and this particular one's fat) was a powerhouse of muscle. Not much chance of getting away, even if the fool was alone. The guard on the right puffed his cigarette.
"You wanna walk? Walk around your holding cell." Right was a Pholwung, which looks like the unholy union between a dolphin and big, fat beetle. Its three long fingers, coiled around the Prisoner's right bicep, were iron bands. It grunted smoke from a beaten little stogey. The Prisoner frowned, looked from one guard to the other.
"Do either of you have any idea who I am?" The Quainian snorted. "I am Kentar, Galactic Conqueror of Kyrak 3!" The Pholwung blew smoke. "When I get free, you two will be the first to feel my wrath..."
"Galactic Conqueror?" The Quainian snarked. "Hey Grut, you heard that right? This guy's a Galactic Conqueror! You as scared as I am?"
The Pholwung - Grut apparently, Galactic Conqueror Kentar of Kyrak 3 made note - seemed unimpressed. "You conquered like three systems, Human. That doesn't make you Galactic, just...interstellar."
"I have my ambitions!" Kentar turned to the Quainian, sniffed. "So, how many systems have YOU conquered? And you?" The Pholwung blew smoke again, said nothing. Kentar chose to interpret that as a point in his favor. "I see! A little more respect then, and I..."
"Hey, I think I heard of you," The Quainian burst out laughing. "You're that crazy Human from the Kyrak system-"
"Kyrak 3, yes."
"Weren't you that guy who was taking over worlds with armies of giant, robot allosaurs?"
Grut blew smoke, stubbed out his cigarette. "Allosaurs? What's that?"
"Some kind of mythologic monster. My battle-brother is a Human, told me about things like that." This comment interested Kentar, and truth be told the Galactic Conqueror was tickled that someone did know about him. Even so, he had to say...
"They weren't Allosaurs," he clarified, "They were T-Rexes. And they're not mythological, they're real." Were real, once. Might be again, one day... The Quainian gave him a funny look.
"No, those were Allosaurs." He held up a hand. "Three fingers, just like me; Rexes only have two." He turned to Grut, laughed. "Can you believe this guy? He makes an army of robot dinosaurs, and he doesn't even know what type they are!"
"Pheh. All sounds the same to me," the Pholwung grunted, and they carried on. Kentar scowled into the darkness, even as the Quainian tried to assuage him with "points for creativity!" They carried on in silence, past rows on rows of darkened doors, holed with tiny grates of bars. Deep within you might see the glint of a sinister eye, a pair of fingers reaching out. Or in one case, a rather large tentacl-
"ARGH!" The right guard garbled as a long, thick tendril shot out, took him round the neck. "Hruhhh...." Kentar was jostled as his right bicep curled free; Grut meanwhile flailed at his throat, struggling as what must have been a powerful tentacle tightened, dragging the Pholwung - a creature that can weigh a metric ton - up against the door. The Quainian roared, swung loose an iconic Quainian axe; before things went further though, Kentar was between the guard and his endangered companion.
"Hey there! You," he hollared at the creature in the cell. He had only instants to act before the Quainian pushed him out of the way, or ran right over him... "Take it easy!" That might have bought him another instant. "That Pholwung's name is Grut. Officer Grut. What's yours?"
The Quainian snarled, axe shaking in his hand like it had a life all its own (and was of a mind to end somebody else's) Behind the barred grate, the tentacle still wrapped around Grut's throat, a sinister voice bubbled up. "Gblrrrrrrrrr... What do I care for his name, this Officer Grut? Know that I am Scornthrower the Venomous; and that all who seek to restrain my evil, will meet such a fate in time..."
"And I am Kentar, Galactic Conqueror of Kyrak 3," Even in his chains, Kentar drew up, cut a proud figure. "I greet you as one Villain to another, but with respect; you must let this one go. I have already sworn vengeance upon him. He is mine." Another bubbling growl, but this one seemed...pensive. "Would you cheat me of my revenge?"
"....PAH! Very well." The tentacle uncoiled, Grut slumped to the ground, hacking and coughing. "One Villain to another; but remember, Scornthrower the Venomous has done you a favor. Kentar, was it not?" The tendril drew back, with a dark chuckle. "I've never met a Galactic Conqueror."
"I have my ambitions." Kentar nodded, one Villain to another. "Perhaps we'll meet again, o Venomous One?" Another bubbled noise; apparently Scornthrower the Venomous liked the title. Smirking, Kentar turned his chained neck, regarded his Quainian guard.
"So, where were we?" The Quainian growled low in his throat, said nothing; he helped the stumbling Grut to his feet, and they continued on. They each took a bicep, but this time they let Kentar walk on his own two feet. And the Galactic Conqueror did not resist, try to break free. They finished the trip without another incident; a dark cell door swung open near the hallway's end.
"Here you are," The Quainian growled, unlocking Kentar's thick shackles. "Good behavior back there, Human; keep it up, I might not crush you." Grut, who seemed to have to stop every few seconds to feel his throat, said nothing. Kentar did likewise, just gave them an arrogant smirk as he stepped into the darkened little cell. The door closed behind him with a solid, metal thunk.
The darkness crept around him, stroked his shoulders with three fingers; Kentar smiled. "So you're here," he drawled as She resolved in the dimness, yellow eyes ablaze. "I knew that I could count on you, my sweet..."
"For you, O Galactic Conqueror," came a familiar, beloved voice, "Always." Kentar reached out, felt a soft waist close to his. Lips met, for an instant; several hot, impassioned moments later they lay on the cell floor, naked, staring up at a ceiling like a starless sky. She was tired - as well she might be, it couldn't have been easy getting in here undetected! - yet Kentar remained invigorated. He smiled, as if at stars he could not see yet knew were there.
"You know," he mused, "The thing I've never understood about a 'Prison:' You put all of the most dangerous people you can find together in the same place, enough of them to form an army!" He thought back to Scornthrower the Venomous, wondered if that one might make a good lieutenant. Beside his ear, She cooed.
"All will go as planned this time, my Conqueror." Kentar grinned, closed his eyes. Soon he was dreaming, dreams of conquest, metal dinosaurs, glory...
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