That Damned Dragon In A Suit Picture

"Silver City, Texas." Wrex boasted after seeing his home in full view in the limo car. Shi gave a grunt of discontent, but Jack gave a opened mouthed aw, "...We're in Texas?" He said after seeing the city- the building looked lie something out of a sci-fi flick as the buildings kissed the clouds. If such a beautiful placed existed, how come nobody knew about it?

"Yep," the young magic user chuckled, "It's what you would call a 'barrier city'. Very few people know about these places and it's rare for a normal person to gain access." Wrex pressed a button on the roof of the limo for the mini bar to open. Gingerly, he pulled out two beers (and chocolate milk for the demon) and handed one to his new comrade. Wrex chuckled as he stared at the window at the larges building in the city, "Silver Tower." Wrex spat. "Biggest eyesore ever. But necessary." The Leader complained.

"Why?" the new solider inquired. The tower in question didn't look out of the ordinary, albeit a little more architecturally 'advance' than the others.

"The most powerful person in the city works there. And he's a real prick." Wrex sipped his beer, a scowl crossing his features, "Actually 'person' wouldn't even be correct."

"Another paranormal beastie?" Jack asked.

"Actually a mythological beastie." Wrex corrected.

"A dragon." Shi cut in, gulping down his chocolate milk, "Silver one to be exact."

Jack might have stopped breathing for a few seconds. But Wrex continued, drinking, "But he does make one helluva beer." He chuckled, shaking the bottle in his hand.


....I should be doing the rest of the Phantasy crew, instead I'm drawing Cyrus Kynorath Bracket, dragon and dirty businessman of Silver City.

A classy dragon, but shady nonetheless.
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