Atomic Shadows - Title Page Picture

This took a long time to finish... But, I like how it came out~. So cute. ^w^

Top left: Hikaru (Light/Dark Haruwolf Demon)
Top right: Denkou (Thunder/Light Panzy Demon)
Bottom left: Reiki (Psychic/Nature Demonic Mystic)
Bottom right: Hakune (Flame/Light Kyuubi)
Middle: Mikage (Ice/Shadow fox demon)

So, AS's plot follows Mikage as he goes through the Battle School, Minerva, all while trying his best to survive an absurdly harsh environment.
Along the way, he recruits many new teammates, and makes many enemies as well... Although, he isn't nearly as bad about this as Kage was when he went to school. xP
Of them all, Hikaru, Denkou, Reiki and Siesta are the first four he meets and befriends. Excluding Siesta, they all form a power quartet, though this dynamic changes a lot as the story goes on.

In general, this fic will probably focus a lot on the Cerian mythology, as well as callbacks from earlier gens.
The thing with Mikage's stories is that he recruits many teammates, some of which are WAAAY older than he is. For example, Rouge, Kagetora and Zero (who acts as his Guide here, and retains the Reiko personality as the dominant one).

I'm not sure how this story will really focus... I know it's almost always from Mikage's PoV... But, it's gonna be a lot like Smolder in that I am either missing the original plans, or they weren't written down. xD
Should be fine, either way. :3

I've also decided that this will be the fic to be manga'd first. Heck, I'll probably just forgo submitting AS's chapters and just go for drawing em out. x3
It'll make my job a bit easier, at least. :3

~Shadow R/B
I'll edit this descrip later... I'm kinda tired. Slept too much. xD
That, and I like how the title page came out. x3

This story will probably have at least 3 title pages. 1 is the main team (this one), the second would probably be the 2nd year team (Mikage, Rouge, Kagetora and Zero), and the third will probably be his extra teammates (Luka, Lyre, etc...).
This is probably the odd bird of all the Seasonal Series in that it was originally planned to take place during 2nd Gen, and only gained its own generation a year or two back.
So yeah... Gotta work through them oddities. xP

First scenario has an odd main enemy, though the second scenario (Phenomic Silence), will be a bit odd in that it's during the third and final year of Mikage's schooling, and thusly the enemies will change in nature.
Considering Takuto and Adamantine are involved... Sheesh. xD

1: ...

PS. HS, as far as I know, is only 3 years long here. Thusly, Mikage's tuition and such is that long in Minerva. :3
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