BlackInk's CaD2: Proposed OC Picture

This pic was made on Create-a-dragon 2.0, which belongs to ~Blackink.

Ok, so, I'm proposing a new villan for my stories. BEHOLD, the mighty Surtur. His name originates from Norse Mythology, in which, Surtur is a fire demon and ruler of Muspelheim (A realm of fire, besically, Hell).

In MY story, Surtur is not a true dragon, but a DRAGON DEMON (If you remember Legion, who is a dragon angel; Surtur is the opposite). He is Malefor's newest servant; created when Malefor tricked a pregnant dragoness into getting to close to the Convexual Rift (Aka. That big purple crystal thing which Malefor is sucked into at the end of DotD, it is really a rift into the realm of cenvexity, which is Hell in Human culture), and sucking her in himself. He then kills her, and steals her egg; using his magic to consume the baby with hatred and anger; creating Surtur, a powerful demon, and Malefor's most powerful servant...

My question is this: SHOULD I USE THIS OC IN ANYTHING??? IF SO, WHAT???!?!?

I'm thinking, he could be the leader of a personal demonic cult, which worships Malefor (The "Maleforian Cult"), and other members of this cult are also demons. (Another possible name for him or another demon dragon is Ragnarök; which is also from Norse Mythology, and is the name for the series of events which cause the end of the world, which was Malefor's main intention in the first place, if you recall.)

So, PLZ PLZ PLZ comment on this with your ideas and feedback, as that's what I'm fishing for here, and I'm sorry the description is so long here today, but this is just the way it's gotta be...

Surtur (dragon) and The Maleforian Cult belong to me.
Surtur (Norse Mythology) is universal.
Malefor belongs to Serria.
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