EBC: Echidna of the Bounty Hunters (OLD) Picture

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(Please note that the spots are not final for her design. If you wish to draw her, you are free from having to replicate the spots. Only the white areas are to be kept constant, please.)


[Affectionate] If it walks and talks, there would probably be a 99% chance that Echidna would say hello in between many hugs (whether she's aware that she's wearing her bracers or not.) She loves nothing else but an introduction to as many people, who would bother to tell her, as possible. Upon noticing annoyance after a solid minute or two, however, she'll be more than happy to step down and listen intently to whatever the next person would have to say.

[Delusional] Due to the head tumour, some views and processing of Echidna's can be slightly twisted, even by Hunter standards. Her sentence structure could be skewed beyond understanding at random times, which could lead to a moment of snappy frustration from her afterwards, since she knew what she really wanted to say within her mind.

[Patriotic] Like any other Hunter, she holds the strong belief that the Empires are the ones who are at the short stick, and that collecting them back into the Coliseum is the right thing to do. Having a habit of showing off the Bounty Hunter emblem by shaking the neck around, she would not be afraid to taunt Empire cats (when she meets them in person, that is) on the luxuries she and her peers are given for the small price of the Coliseum fights.

[Slow-minded] Not the sharpest claw in the paw, probably even the least sharpest. Stealth or hunting are completely alien to Echidna, and she could almost never be able to pull off those skills successfully. Never seeing the world beyond the home district in the city, she is naïve and ignorant from other cultures and which strategies are best in which situation, always preferring to follow orders rather than give out (which the latter would probably end in failure.)


Name: Echidna (pronounced "Eh-kid-nah")

Reason for name: Given by her Master, which references the Greek myths of the 'Mother of Monsters.'

Gender: Female

Species: African leopard (Panthera pardus)

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