Lycan Huntress - Pony OC Picture

Name: Lycan Huntress

Nicknames: Lyca, Huntress

Cutie Mark: Timberwolf Skull

Talent: Protecting others through hunting hostile beings (primarily timberwolves)

Personality: Somewhat of a dark sense of humor, mildly sarcastic but tries to be friendly. A bit awkward at times. Passionately enjoys ancient pony mythology and true origins alike. Not easily afraid of things, good at making friends with those who look scary but are golden hearted.

Backstory: During a distant family visit from the Pegasi Pumpkins to the Earth Pony Apples in Ponyville, a curious young filly by the name of Pumpkin Spice went missing. After the entirety of Ponyville searched every crack and crevice of the small village, nobody heard anything of her.

Meanwhile, the young pegasus filly trots casually through the Everfree Forest, unaware of the fact that her entire family and then some is looking for her all at once. In a chance encounter, she meets a freelancing deer near the outskirts of the forest by the name of Tumbleweed. Pitying the young filly, Tumble adopts the pegasus, old enough to talk but not to remember much as she grew up.

Tumble never named her, only referred to her as "Blossom". She wanted her to name herself once she got old enough to find her cutie mark.

And one day, when a timberwolf attacked, she did.

In a fit of self defense, she stood triumphantly with her cutie mark and her now safe home atop a pile of twigs. After speaking with her adopted mother about this, she suggested the name Lycan Huntress. She felt it fit and stuck with it.

When Tumble got too old to take care of her, Lyca made a promise to protect the Deer until her very last days... And ever since then, she's been a nomad, moving from place to place as an expert of what is safe and unsafe in the Everfree Forest, just near the outskirts of Ponyville.

She never went back, and only had one remnant of her old life- a silver heartshaped locket. To this day, she's never opened it. She's been too afraid to.

Posted: 1/30/15 @10:21 PM EST
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