Alice Character Sheet Picture

Yepyep. Alice from my novel. He has a golden "XIII" on his paw-pads, but I didn't include that because I made this reference sheet for my friend and for the sake of drawing. She's helping me create clay figurines of some of my novel characters, so you can look for that soon. :3

Whenever I get all of the supplies, I'll take a picture and put on devART.
Basically, I was planning on making a reference sheet for Alice when he came up in my novel, like, the first time his voice is heard, because I wasn't certain he was going to be in it in the first place.
Then I put him in the prologue, and... Well, it escalated from there. I realized I liked his timid, shy personality a lot, and I made a list of character sheets I needed to do in my head.
Gear, being the main character, was supposed to get one first, but considering my friend offered to make clothes for my figurines (scarves, collars, masks, ect), I whipped his sheet up quickly.
She really just needed a description of his scarf, but I wanted to draw him, so I told her I'd conjure a reference-sheet really fast. We were on Wolfhome, and if anyone's wondering, my user-name there is "Gallytrot".

Alice is a special type of Barghest (Gallytrot, which is a mythological creature), but I added on a new detail for Barghests/Gallytrots/Bargiests/Troller's Hounds: they can create dreams. Those with the purest of hearts are able to create regular dreams, but inexperienced, cold-hearted ones are only able to conjure nightmares, which they can pull the dreamer into it and torture them. The dreamer would feel actual pain, also.

Being that Alice is "pure" of heart, he's able to conjure regular dreams, and uses this to battle with Gear's shadow. xD Of course Charme has to step in, because Alice is practically backed up against a wall just growling, unable to defend himself because of his cowardice. He's not a fighter. xD

Yes, it's a guy.
Yes, HIS name is Alice.

Anyhow, copyright tiem.

Contortionist (the title of my novel) is copyright to ME, and only ME.
Alice is copyright to ME, as well.
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