Kami explanation sort of Picture

Kami isn't really my Fursona, Kami is a personification/Fursonafication of my more serious emotion. Kami also developed its own story line/back story so its not really my Fursona anymore, but i will still represent myself as Kami in some pictures like vent art, and other things involving myself. Kami is more of a trademark symbol now and a beloved Oc. Kami is part of me but I AM NOT Kami we are not a whole lot alike considering Kami is a deity from another Dimensional Plan and is able to Have a child from its head Like Zeus and/or Athena from Percy Jackson, most of my oc's are based off something i like, or a small aspect of my Psyche, other Oc's like Flame Venus Valkyrie/Nightwhisper and Frost are based off things i hate/dislike, sorry Tenshi you kinda fall into the hate category
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