O.W. reference sheet Poloka Picture

Name : Poloka
Age : 14 years
Gender : Female
Size : 1.63 m
Specie : Goupy

Family :
Mother : Ellie
Father : Elvys

Hobbies : Animals (except reptilians, insects...), dreams, art, mythologies, eccentrics things

Profession : She hasn't one.

Personality : She can be very nice and very loyal to certain situations. She tries to be attentive to what she does but she can sometimes turn off. She tends to miss a lot of confidence in her, which can make her sometimes a little sad. She can be joyful and very funny but after a while, she can be a little wild, she takes refuge in a corner and she can sometimes be easily angry with others for certain things. This is a very sensitive girl and can sometimes be a little shy. But when she feels a pressure rise within her, she tries to ensure that she's not alone. She can have a big courage for some things.

Backstory : Poloka long lived with her mother, Ellie. Her mother raised her alone and without her knowing who was her father. Today, Poloka is much with her friends : Jolan and Jako. But one day, she learns that her mother died while traveling work and she reads a letter she wrote before she died she was absolutely find her father before she was an orphan. On returning from her home, she sees that Kanhna, ​​the corresponding of her mother stole all that belonged to her mother and she even Poloka locked in her room. But her friends were there to get her out and she tried to take something that belonged to her mother : her necklace of teeth she had when she went to marry her father. She and her friends are placed in Tinko's home, a friend. Poloka will try to do a lot of research to find out who her father. She learns that he's second chief in a clan of warriors in the city of Rigoh, from Etala. She goes with her friends and she will try to recognize him.

Capabilities : She can be very brave and independent for many things. She's sometimes agile and able to make huge punch (or kick) when she's in danger.

Weaknesses : Her lack of confidence sometimes makes her vulnerable. When something happened that has upset, she's not attentive to what she does.

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