Norse Map Picture

Norse mythology has nine realms, and this is my attempt at mapping them. In Norse mythology everything is connected via the world tree Yygdrasil. The nine realms are:

Midgard: our world, connected to Asgard via the rainbow bridge of the Bifrost, and surrounded by Jormungandr the world serpent who wraps around our world and bite his tail, holding it together.

Asgard: Home of the Gods

Vanaheim: Home of the Vanir

Alfheim: Home of the light elves

Svartalfheim: located beneath Midgard, it is home to the dark elves or dwarves

Jotunheim: Home of the giants, located over Mimir's well, and contains the giant stronghold of Utgard

Muspelheim: A land of fire and lava, ruled by Surtr the fire giant

Niflheim: A land of bitter cold nothing, niflheim is said to contain the entrance to Helheim.

Helheim: The underworld, ruled over by Hel, the half dead half alive daughter of Loki. It is where the souls who aren't chosen or die warriors go after death. (This is my favorite because I ADORE Hel)

There are three water sources that feed Yygdrasil:

Hvergelmir: This is the place from which all water flows. It feeds all river and oceans, streams, and ponds. It is created because the intense heat of Muspelheim melts the icy cold tundra of Niflheim.

Urd's Well: This well is watched over by Urd, and her sisters Verdandi and Skuld, together they make up the Norns. They know everyone's fate, and they work their hardest to keep Yygdrasil alive as long as possible by pouring water and mud over it's roots.

Mimir's Well: Mimir is the wisest giant to ever live. Odin gave up one of his eyes in order to gain knowledge from this well, so that he could know everything that was happening in all nine worlds.

There are also two "heavens":

Valhalla: This is Odin's hall. It is where half the warriors killed in battle go, the other half go to Freya's hall. Here you wake up everyday, eat amazing food, go hunting, fight, kill beasts, party, drink a lot of mead, and sleep so you can do it all again tomorrow.

Folkvagnr: This is Freya's hall. It is where the other warriors go after death. It is a vast lush meadow with comfort and constant amazing weather.

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