Reburst Round 10 Ref - Haunter Picture

Having no real interest in legends and a generally poor know (mythology) stat Jack dithers around the Celebi Burst's area for a while, somehow managing to piss off every bird in the area at once, before discussing his issue with a few people and deciding to go with his old standby of bugging Esrever.

In Haunter form he less plans to directly attack the bursters in the area and rather intends to do something with a truly impressive amount of stuff he somehow finagled out of Ben, while aided by... several of himself? That doesn't seem right. Hold on I've got to go talk to someone about this brb. Have some Niko style notes while I sort this out.

*Most of Jack's body is phased right out of the physical world and no amount of effort will let him bring it with him. He can vary what amount of it is visible though and seems to get a kick out of making as much of what he can't bring with him invisible as possible (image shows slightly visible body for reference purposes)
*Walking on feet is for losers. Jack likes this no gravity thing.
*Like any good ghost he can disappear entirely if he wants.
*Any angle that looks into the places where body should be preventing are largely uninteresting black holes. Also, as may be noticeable in the image sometimes Jack's body parts aren't quite lined up with the right places. Blame the Haunter, he's not used to coordinating so many bits. What's wrong with a giant floating face, he asks you.
*Jack really enjoys this Burst even if his face has been replaced by a grinning mask-like thing

Alright I'm back. Yeah, I sorted out the issue.

It's a Reburst App Jack
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