Coyote- Adrienne Sketch dump Picture

Well, here it is guys! These are all sketches I've done over the past eight months and there are many more too. This is Adrienne, my main character from my story called Coyote. Let me give you some information about the story.

Adrienne, often called Aid by family and close friends, is a young successful business woman who has insecurities and as a result of them, develops a demanding, condescending attitude. These insecurities has driven a wedge between her social life, family, possible lovers, and co-workers. This is the story of how she begins to truly see them and slowly growing up, but in a place she never thought could exist.

The inspiration for this story came from my World mythology class when we were discussing the roles tricksters have in mythology and from a book we read during that class that had to deal with contemporary story telling. In Native American mythology, both the Raven and Coyote were seen as tricksters. There is a character named Coyote (clearly from the title) and he is viewed as a sort of trickster, but those are where the similarities end.

This is the story I am most currently active on, along with two other ones. It is subject to change whenever I feel change is needed. If you are interested in this, please understand I am very busy at the moment with both school and work.

With all that said, I hope you enjoy and are interested in this story!

If you have any advice on what to do better, please feel free to share!
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