Morganos Contest Armor Design Picture

Well, it's been a while since I've put something in the concepts folder...

This is my entry to =Blue-Uncia's armor redesign contest. Initially, I had trouble coming up with something that wasn't too generic, but then one point led to another and yeah.

The armor is designed for a war-type situation, particularly for one-on one combat with a broadsword. The armor is thematically designed to resemble the terrible and fearsome mythological creature: the dragon. An elder black dragon is an ornery thing, certainly enough to strike fear into the hearts of adversary. As such, the breastplate, backing, helmet, and boots are designed to mimic the dragon. The plates move like the dragons, folding and sliding underneath each other to free up the torso. The ankles are bolted in place, as they generally aren't supposed to bend and twist every which way.

The gloves are scaled leather, probably gator or dragon itself. The backing is reinforced, the gauntlets have spikes on the back (a la Batman Begins), mostly to ensure a good enough grip and protection. The upper arms have the token fantasy "useless belt", made to hide daggers or runes for sticky spots.

the Cape and Shoulder Pads are a unique feature, as neither are completely attached to the armor. Connected to each other, they both can be removed when the battle becomes heated, to free up the arms and remove the cape that we all know from Edna Mode is generally a bad idea. The cape is lined with Lead, to prevent it form flying up and wrapping around the arm or something, and with the right force, could be used as an effective weapon. The pads are spined, to appear imposing for one, make shoulder rams that much more effective, two, and are connected in the back to create a set of spines that literally make up a five vertebrae spine. The cape is embroidered to resemble dragon wings.

The Helmet is probably the only superfluously ornate piece on the whole armor, but for good reason. Big and intimidating, it completes the "dragon" look, and the large dark eye sockets can hide the eyes, or cause the red eyes to appear more menacing. The spines and such dissuade attacks form the back, and the eyes from the front.

In conjunction with some really simple magic, the whole thing can seem more menacing than it is, ie wind for the cape, smoke form the helmet's nostrils, darkness for the eyes, etc.

Hopefully this is what you're looking for, Blue!
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