Entry- Cat Silver Picture

This is my alchemist form pre-homunclus, PreState-Alchemists too. It's for the contest at

Name: Cat Silver
Nickname(s): Cattle, Kitkat, Kit, Kitten, Brat, Mastermind Kitten, The Doom Alchemist, The Boom Alchemist, The Memory Alchemist, and (Self-named) Vanity.
Birth date: January 25th
Birth place: Requiem;Amestris (Under Ramenopolis, which is under the Chinese Laundry)
Age: 15
Zodiac/Astrological signs: Dragon/
Gender: Female
Height: 5’ 4.5”
Weight: 140
Blood type: B+
Race: Human; Alchemist
Eye color: Blue grey, occasionally purple or green tinted
Hair color: Blonde with red tips
Hair style: Bangs to chin, rest to middle of back. Usually down, occasionally in a ponytail.
Clothing: Black t-shirt, dark jeans with zippers, belts, buckles, clips, and chains. Either red worn tennis shoes, or lime green and light blue sandals.
Accessories: NO MATTER WHAT she wears her ball chin half inch thick 29 beaded silver necklace. Occasionally seen with chain earrings, knuckle and fingerless biker gloves, Red and black striped arm socks, Samurai hat, black bracelet with Chinese characters in white and small golden medallion, Spiked dog collar (used as bracelet or anklet). Also at times seen carrying a blue opening clipboard with dark blue mechanical pencil, black finger rest and red cap eraser.
Ears: Normal human, however wears a second pair of detachable automail ears heat treated to a black color. These ears boost her hearing to a pretty high level, enough to hear a mouse two rooms over even.
Tattoos: none
Piercing(s): In Cat/Automail ears only; Two in right ear, one in left
Scar(s): Right wrist, thick and wide in two hunks, One under right eye in shape of a teeny tiny pinprick star. 5 spots in shape of paw print on left arm, faint.
Other Marks: None
Power type: Chaos (Tends to also use in great amounts: Fire, Electricity, Water, Wind and Dark/Shadows)
Strengths: Speed, Bursts of strength, Silver-tongued, Stealthy when needed, Tends to create great explosions, can eat almost anything without getting sick unless she thinks about it, loyal to the end, good artist, good at Chimera making, has been able to etch memories into her necklace, creative to the extreme with attacks.
Weaknesses: Tends to feel dizzy at sight of own blood (Most of time), Frightened of Clowns/Needles/Scratching noises in the dark/dolls/losing people, gets sick from raw tomatoes easily, weak stomach (when she realizes what she’s eating), crying people, When in Rage is hard to stop without wounding her or knocking her out, easily annoyed by people who call her a catgirl, easily amused/distracted, Low Stamina.
Weapons: Hydra (A Trenchcoat in usual form, has embedded alchemy symbol in it's weave to allow her to change it at any time. No matter what she changes it into it is most likely black, and will always have a circle on it for easy changing.), prewet stamp of alchemy circle in case of damage or destruction of Hydra.
Attack Strategy: Is well known for her love of anything she can make explode, good at chimeras and was even known to create a 'blackhole' which was much less strong than the real thing and it allowed her to change it's single direction of suck or blow. She will most of the time attempt to disable her enemy and then destroy it.
Occupation: The Doom Alchemist, and/or Mercenary Alchemist. Is known for her attempt to get into the State Military and failing only because she put one of the judges into a coma, also 'Evil Overlord in training'; we thought it better not to ask.
Likes: Ramen, jalapeno pocky. Manga/Anime, Reading, Books, Explosions, Fire, Spiders, Dragons, Rain, Swimming, Water, Her Necklace, Green tea, Drawing, Writing, Collecting large words, Alternative Rock, Bishonen, Nicknaming, Collecting minions, Shiny things, Cats, Mythology, Movies, Jean/Denim, Robots, Toasters, Swords and other sharp things, Japanese Lettering, Lime Green/Dark Purple, Black, multicolored, Magic, Fantasy, Computers, Other languages, Fortune telling (Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, etc.), taking photos, Belts and chains, lockers, clocks, gore, violence, comedy, thieves, saxophone’s/their players, semi dark chocolate, mint, glasses, wings, and Envy.
Dislikes: Blood, Needles, Clowns, dolls, Noises she can’t identify at night, tomatoes, Rap/country, major fluffy situations, boring people, pink, the number 4, severe cuteness without blood/weaponry, monkeys, not being allowed to touch things, milk chocolate, too much makeup, the word slice in a sentence talking about cutting flesh, those -few- pitches that kill her ears, angst, sexual tension, overuse of fan service, chatspeek, overly muscled guys.
Personality: Situational comedian, she loves to play jokes and generally make a nuisance of herself. Gentle to the core she really doesn't want to harm anyone but when not given a choice she is a ruthless, and precise killer. Powerful and kind a perfect mix. She is hard to anger or sadden taking everything lightly and making jokes out of any situation. She refuses to see the dark side of things always preferring to find a optimistic view. To make someone laugh she will do absolutely anything, anything being very literal.

She is quite intelligent although usually it's not apparent by the way she acts, and the fact she likes to insult herself constantly. However when her intelligence is questioned she breaks out a huge amount of overly complex words to befuddle he who dare insult her first. As an 'evil-overlord-in-training' she enjoys tricking people and enticing them to do her bidding, or help with plots. Sometimes this ends in death for one or both parties.

She is also known for the occasional and offhand death threats. These are everyday and include: "I'll rip off your head and make you eat it!" or "I’ll rip of your head and stuff it down your throat!" and "I'll rip out your spine and THRASH you with it!" and even "I'll kill you, not just kill you, I'll rip off your ears and stuff them down your throat, then I'll rip out your tongue and THROTTLE you with it!" However, most of the time these threats don’t get much farther than threats as she doesn’t usually lash out physically due to a fear of not being good enough/failing at what she does. This means when she fights without her rage she is very timid and joking, and tends to use verbal abuse to an insane amount.

When, however, she is thrown out of her everyday personality she becomes angsty, violent, and destructive. She still refuses to kill senselessly (read: Innocent people who don’t piss her off) but she does fall into Rage-mode easier. She tends to try to wear it off sparring against buildings but it doesn’t always work. She becomes sad, overly weak-willed, easy to traumatize or possess, stubborn towards helpful people, and easy to anger. However this only happens when something very dramatic, and deep happens, something that shakes her down to her very core and latches on like a demon refusing to budge.
Song: "Extraordinary" - Liz Phair
Family: Unknown, presumed dead. (Claims Friends as Family such as; Crystal; Sister, Slade; Cousin), Calls Mother figures ‘Auntie’ such as ‘Auntie Idea’.
History/Background: Born in a Basement under a Ramen-shop called Ramenopolis which is under a Chinese laundry in the backwater City of Requiem in Amestris, she lost her memories until the age of 4 at which point she had absolutely no Mother or Father to speak of. Taken in by an older woman who owned the shops above where she lived, an old lady who tended to change her name every few months for reasons unknown, she was allowed to live in the basement for the rest of her life due to a request from her Mother, an old friend of Auntie Idea’s.

Soon enough she grew up reading books and bothering the people in her home town, mostly the Religious Temple workers next door and the people who visited the diner. When she hit the age of 13 she had found and read many a book on alchemy, almost as an obsession. She learned quickly, and rather easily though her mistakes and soon moved on form the usual faster growing plants and hot water to making statues from other materials. Even then her lust for the subject was not sated and she started working on small Chimeras. Many of her original designs failed and ended up dying as a result but she continued to persist even creating a lab in the basement of her basement bedroom.

It was a wonder that once she found she could cause explosions her home survived. She went off on this tangent, creating small weapons and going though a 'ninja' phase. She Stole and returned several things but gave up soon enough when she got in trouble. After a particularly flashy explosion in which she was tossed against the wall and woke up with temporary amnesia she started to be scared of losing her memories and technically herself. This finding caused her to go into a whole new branch of previously unheard of alchemy.
Memories, she decided, were objects that should be able to be embedded into other objects if they existed in the brain. After all if a soul could be fastened to an object they should too. She went off and left home immediately after that with no forwarding address to figure out this alchemy herself. After using animals and then herself as test subjects and losing quite a few 'unneeded' memories (such as what she had for breakfast) she found a way to complete the transaction. However after all this testing she had lost some grasp of retaining memories and was afterwards very absentminded.

After she found out how to hide copies of memories in objects she immediately stored her entire being into her necklace with a small note rammed in it just in case she ever lost herself she would be able to replant the memories with little to no hassle. She has never found a need for this, but decided that with her large web of different talents the military could use her. Plus she loved books and those places had some damn huge libraries. Taking her test, skipping all formal training, she passed the spoken test with flying colors, both confusing the people asking the questions and impressing them with her firm knowledge of half ass versions of near on anything.

She took the larger exam, where one would show off powers and decided against all common sense to create a black hole. She did it on the spur of the moment just changing things to fit her whim as that was how alchemy worked around her. Imploding a large pile of rocks and other materials she caused a gravitational pull -and- suction via air molecules being sucked into the negative powered thing at a huge rate. She manipulated this thing quickly, sucking in things and causing things to blow backwards. However one of the judges, thinking she was bluffing when she told them to move, was hit by a flying piece of matter and was knocked into a coma. She has not officially become a state alchemist since then but has been hired several times to help with large things that needed her expertise.
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